It’s 2012. Where Are The Flying Jet Packs?


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14 responses to “It’s 2012. Where Are The Flying Jet Packs?

  1. I want teleporters. I hate being in the car for long periods of time.

    • (How did I miss this comment earlier?) I know! I used to wish I was Samantha Stevens on Bewitched (before your time, I’m sure) so I could just wiggle my nose or blink my eyes and nod my head and things would appear/disappear or we’d be transported somewhere else instantaneously.

  2. I hear they actually exist, but I guess they just aren’t that safe and/or economical enough for my three-mile commute to work yet. That would be cool, though.

    • That’s what my husband pointed out after I posted this. I guess I’m wondering where they are located for the masses……but wait! Koreen has a link for us below. Check it out!

  3. I always wanted Mrs. Jetson’s electronic maid!

  4. I’d still rather have the Star Trek teleporting beam…


  5. For realsies! Aren’t we supposed to be able to teleport too?

  6. Always wanted to be Samatha Stevens too. AND a jet pack….for when I didn’t want to move invisibly.

  7. I’m with thoughtsappear, I would like teleporter’s. I’m tired of my commute!

    Happy New Year to you my friend.

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