Laundry, Laundry, What Do You See?

Laundry, laundry, what do you see?

I see a deformed packet of Reese’s Pieces looking at me.

Jane, Jane, what do YOU see?

I see a sparkling, clean, fresh-smelling load of clothes that made it, not only through the washer intact but the dryer, too, saved by the ingenious packaging of a teeny-tiny bag of Reese’s Pieces hiding in the shirt pocket of #2son that could have spelled certain disaster if it had split open in the aforementioned washer OR dryer. But it didn’t!

Oh thank you, creators of the Reese’s Pieces packaging. (You must be moms!)

What has been your near-miss or actual laundry disaster?


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9 responses to “Laundry, Laundry, What Do You See?

  1. Even though I check my husband’s pockets, I still find lighters, wrenches, red pens, box cutters & exacto knives, all kind of weird, often sharp stuff! But miraculously, no clothes have been harmed 🙂

  2. I’m even more amazed that the colourful packaging didn’t leach into that white wash. Why is it always white washes?! 🙂

    PS. It survived the heat of a tumble dryer too?! What on earth is that stuff made of?!? 😉

  3. My little brother once sent an ink pen through the washer and dryer. That did not end well.

  4. Ha! This is a good one!

    Take one artist son, an assortment of any number of tiny drawing implements (charcoals, ink, etc.) and… voilà! Star spangled white shirts no longer white! Permanently purple streaked dryer! (It could’ve been worse. Bubble gum is a nightmare.)


  5. I have never had a near miss in the laundry..My experiences became melted ink pens in the dryer or peppermint candy…I-pod ear buds, snicker bars,etc.

    For years, I pulled out all kind of items from my kids pockets from the time they were young till their teens. I wished I kept a jar in the laundry room that I simply toss what I found in pants pockets….That jar could tell a story, no doubt.


  6. No laundry disasters….possibly because no kids….but we do have a rule that whatever money magically shows up in the dryer belongs to the dryer unloader/folder person. Darn husband got my $50 bill that way once. Only time he ever folded the laundry. Beginners luck.

  7. We seem to do a lot of “money laundering” at our house… and while the coins end up sounding like Lucy’s cup in Peanuts the paper stuff holds up better in the washer than in the market place.

    Now if only the Reese’s packaging was unopenable even out of the wash…

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