Jane Jonesing Jeans. Suffers Sticker Shock.

I enjoy a good episode of Extreme Couponing to get my saving juices flowing. I’ve read a Dave Ramsey book, watched Suze Orman a few times and listen to Clark Howard’s advice regularly.

I enjoy a good sale but I don’t plan my week around them. I clip a few coupons, as long as we already enjoy the product. I have a list of when “Kids Eat Free”at local restaurants on my phone so if we’re out and about we can take advantage.

I think of myself as your run-of-the-mill bargain hunter.

I hate clothes shopping so it’s a good thing I prefer classic styles that take a while to become outdated. For example, the jeans I’m wearing at this very minute are almost 10 years old. Ralph Lauren. Talbots. L. L. Bean. Gap. Just a few of my favorites. Since the fashion police aren’t knocking on my door and my 19-year-old daughter hasn’t said anything (yet) it’s probably safe to assume that I look OK.

I’m also a very patient person. With a fairly organized closet. It doesn’t bother me in the least to wait until the end of the season, buy clothes at least 50% off and store in my closet until next season. Which is what I do. Often.

So often, in fact, that I can’t believe anyone actually buys clothes at full price. And the full price usually shocks me.

Like this article, seen on Yahoo, about the best jeans to flatter different body types. Great tips. Before and after pics I can relate to.  But the prices? Are you kidding me?

NYDJ (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans) $120

Earnest Sewn Classic Boot Cut $198

White House Black Market $78

Even the Gap $70 and Lee Jeans $54 surprised me.

I buy Gap and Lee jeans. I’ve never paid more than $40.

I’m in shock. I had no idea this was the going rate. After seeing the flattering styles and great before and after pics I actually started considering updating my wardrobe.

After seeing the prices?

No way.


There’s no need.

My readers just see me from the waist up.



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13 responses to “Jane Jonesing Jeans. Suffers Sticker Shock.

  1. You crack me up, Jane! (Your close is classic.)

    I refuse – on principle – to spend more than $30 on jeans. I wait, wait, wait until the ones I want go on sale… then I snap them up. As for everything else? (I wait, wait, wait until sales as well. January is a great month for that!)

    Then again, there is the adult reality – I really don’t need a thing. Only food on the table, my bills paid, and if I want to go shopping, I can do so in my own closet!

  2. Jane when you have a windfall–birthday money or big savings from couponing 🙂 go try on a really good, well fitting pair of jeans. Yep–they are expensive and I don’t have a closet full but I cherish every single pair. NYDJ for me are worth every penny. I also really like Chico jeans which on sale are a good deal. Not saying Gap isn’t great…I am suggesting branching out and dare I say try on “sexy mature women jeans.” Please stop scowling at me. I would put good jeans before food…Thankfully Cole agrees.
    Cole wears Lucky jeans because the sales girls are really cute and attentive (I let him shop without me while I head to Chico), the jeans make him feel very lucky, and as he told me not to long ago…”mom these jeans make my butt look so good!” BTW–Cosco now sells some Lucky. We are never Lucky enough to find anything but we look. Cole also has one pair of Lucky Boxers he saves and wears on test days or days when he needs a boast in confidence. I am a firm believer that ever man, women, and child needs a pair of lucky undies.
    Ok I am going to zip it now.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! The price of most everything amazes me, but especially “designer” clothing. Guess I’ll continue to be woefully out of fashion.

  4. Haha, yeah jean prices can get up there. I shop the sales like you and my years in retail left me with a pretty great jean stockpile, which I got on massive sale with my discount.

  5. Terri

    I own a couple of pairs of NYDJ. I know the price is high, but the fit is awesome (I am sway backed and have a bubble-butt) and have never been able to find a pair of jeans to fit before these. The last a long time, and really are worth the money in my opinion, and I am not a clothes-horse in any sense.

  6. I only own one pair of jeans at a time and I don’t think I spent more than $40 on the last pair either. But they’re getting ratty and I’ll have to go find another pair soon. You’ve got me scared now.

  7. Waist not want not! 🙂

    I went to JC Penny online and they had some men’s jeans on sale for $10 a pair, but they were only available in size 50. There were several marked down products with limited sizes. I browsed around and finally found some in my size for $27 each. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

    At $40 a pair? I’d rather go out in public without pants. 🙂

  8. Way too many other things in this life to spend money on – my now-favorite jeans are Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda stretch jeans, which I found online at Kohl’s for under $25. Leaves me money for yarn.

  9. I was pretty shocked to see the markup on Gap jeans recently — last time I tried on a pair there (early 2000s?), it was half the cost. Signing up for periodic coupon mailings from favorite stores has been my only way of making jeans that fit me affordable. But then there’s all that spam …

  10. Um, I buy second-hand. We have a great thrift store that has amazing jeans for 3/4ths the price. AND they are in great shape. (One of those stores where people sell clothes they’ve only worn once so that I can enjoy great prices.)

    But my real reasoning is I can’t support companies with overseas fabrication, where kids and adults are getting paid less than $1/day. As many companies that I once patronized do this, I only feel comfortable shopping at second hand stores where I won’t have to worry about who made it and at what price.

    Ah, but I’m a hippie at heart. 🙂

  11. Oh, jeans, finding a pair that fits is so hard (and my pet conspiracy theory too!). They are ridiculously expensive, even supermarket ones are like £20 now, I dread to know how much GAP’s are now – they’re the only ones that fit me too. Although I’ve noticed that the various vintages that I own are all different sizes although being the same size (part of the above pet conspiracy theory!). I just buy jeans in charity shops now, at least when they only last a year or two I can attempt to placate myself with only having spent a fiver. Happy shopping! 🙂

  12. I think my bargain hunting approach seems similar to yours: I am frugal, but I allow the usual splurge from time to time (often related to a family activity).

    The sweet spot for clothes shopping, I think, is to figure out if something is inexpensive or just plain cheap. I’ve found great jeans at Walmart for under $20; I’ve also found things there that fall apart after a few washes. There used to be a few stores that I could count on for durable, inexpensive clothes, but, alas, I can’t say that anymore. And then there’s the issue of paying a mark-up for clothes that are made in the USA…

    Sigh. Did life used to be simpler? 🙂

  13. My two pair of jeans need knee patches, and when I get some time I’ll sew them up. I bought both pair six years ago after I gave birth and swore I wouldn’t need them long because I’d lose the weight.

    Bahahahaha ha ha.

    I got them 50% off at Lucky, which made them $60something, which was way too high. Except >6 years for $60 means $10 a year. I’m okay with that.

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