When It Comes To Disney World? I’m Not Above Cheating.

I am always scheming, plotting and conniving another trip to Disney World. What can I say? It’s my happy place. My sister is visiting in the summer and she wants to go to Harry Potter World at Universal. (Really? There is something else in Orlando besides Disney World?) I thought I’d devise a way to sneak down to Disney World under Harry’s cloak.

I wondered what it would take to go so I went to disney.go.com and plopped in the necessary info (2 adults, 3 kids and their ages). I created some dummy dates and chose a value resort, knowing that any chance of going meant traveling on a budget.

Imagine my surprise when this message popped up:

“Your party size exceeds the maximum allowed for the Resort you selected. Please use the Change Your Search module at left to select a different Resort or to reduce your party size.”

Reduce my party size?

Are you kidding?

What do we do?

Draw straws?

Can you imagine? “Sorry, sweetie. But you’re going to have to stay home this trip. Our group is just one too many for a hotel room. And you drew the shortest straw. But I’m sure you’ll have fun, home with Daddy. Well, with a babysitter eating Ravioli and playing with your Legos while Daddy goes to work and we’re having Mickey Bars and seeing Donald Duck and riding Space Mountain over and over. Kiss, kiss. Love you!”

(I crack myself up!)

But wait.

What if I draw the short straw?

Nahhhhh. That’ll never happen.

Because when it comes to Disney World, I’m not above cheating.


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12 responses to “When It Comes To Disney World? I’m Not Above Cheating.

  1. Hi honey. You love Disney World, right? Well so do we. And you want us to be happy, right? It’s time to learn about the concept of sacrifice. Besides, they just opened an edgy adults only area of the park called “Retro Disco Pavilion” and children are not allowed. Mommy is going to be there tripping the light fantastic with Dirk Diggler and Tony Manero every night.

    Don’t worry, though. You’ll have all the Spongebob you ever dreamed of on the Netflix.

    I thought a day after the Super Bowl I’d be hearing about Disney. I just didn’t realize it would take the form of, “Please downsize your family before entering the park.” Classic goodness!

  2. I do fantasy trip planning too {I live to torture myself} & always end up having to reconfigure it because we have too many people. It is silly that it is so limiting.

  3. Um… Dare I admit I’ve never been there, nor have I ever taken my (now young adult) children?

    Now if it’s Euro-Disney outside of Paris, I might say yes (under any circumstances) and then, of course, forget to partake of the amusement attractions, only to party in Paris proper, amusing myself in entirely other ways…


  4. jonesingafter40

    Never been to Disney. No we’re not communists. When oldest child was old enough to go the little boy came along. Thinking it’s a once in a lifetime thing we decided to wait until they could both remember it. The boy is 6 now and the girl is 12. I’m starting to develop a complex because we haven’t been to the happiest place on earth.

  5. And if you ever plan a real trip, the operators are helpful. Some high tourists states have very restricting regulations about occupancy. When we had 3 kids at home, we bit the bullet, booked 2 rooms and split up for those locations. I know what a party pooper. We have done Disneyland, Euro and Disney World You may hate me now. But if you want to fly on the same flight itenerary prepare for hair pulling! And if you have to call, prepare for wanting to lunge through the phone!

  6. So I am guessing you have 3 kids? Or did you max out on the family suites? That is stinko. There is nothing more cruel than Mouse denial. I will light a Goofy candle for you.

  7. Wait a minute! Haven’t you heard of “no child left behind?”

  8. I know!!! I had that same problem and thought about families that are bigger than my 5!! Crazy!!

  9. Jim

    I can’t wait to get back there again – one of the happiest places on earth!!

  10. Easy! Go to Harry Potter World the day you arrive and “accidentally” leave your sister behind in one of the dorm rooms at Hogwarts. She’ll be happy and you’ll have the right sized party for the value resort. Everybody wins! 🙂

  11. I grew up in a three kid family. Some states don’t allow more than 4 heart beats in a hotel room. One parent would always go in, check us in, and then we would sneak into the hotel. Ah, the good old days. Wait. I have three kids. I see the future in front of me.

  12. Jayne

    I’m honestly gob-smacked by both your probs with booking and by faemom’s comment. I *thought* that US families were, on average, slightly larger than Europe – you at 3 children, us at 2.2 (no wonder we fail to thrive over here with that .2 to constantly worry about)! 🙂 Seriously, I had no idea and I have to admit, if it was me I’d think of doing the sneaky faemom family thing, especially as US hotel rooms are usually positively palatial.

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