Peace For Whitney

I was always pulling for her. Always hoping she’d find some peace.

I just didn’t want it to be this way.

Such an amazing voice. Classic. Beautiful. Pure.

Rest in peace, Whitney. We will miss you.


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8 responses to “Peace For Whitney

  1. Yes, RIP Whitney. I saw the following stats on Twitter: She has won 415 Awards, 2 Emmys, 6 Grammys, 22 American Music Awards, 30 Billboard Awards & sold 300,000,000 Albums.

    It’s an amazing life accomplishment. I’m sad to see it end this way.

  2. A shock but yet not. So sad that so much talent did not lead to peace and joy in her life. Perhaps now the pain will end?

  3. I grew up listening to Whitney Houston’s songs. Truly a voice that was extraordinary. I still get chills listening to her version of the National Anthem. Truly will be missed.

  4. RIP Whitney…So sorry she had to end up being another example that you can have fame and fortune and still be so sad inside…(not sure of-course if this is case–she could have died from something other than drugs and alcohol–but it seems likely) Hope her daughter finds peace in her mother love, good memory’s and music.

  5. Unfortunately I was not surprised. She had so much God given talent but she could not overcome her demons. She is at peace now.

  6. It was a shock. I hope she is now at peace.

  7. Is it just because I don’t like Jennifer Hudson or should we have just watched a tape of Whitney sing “I Will Always Love You” at the Grammy’s last night. I cringed through all of Jennifer’s performance thinking she just couldn’t do it like Whitney so please, just leave the song alone.

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