I Need A Pinterest Intervention. STAT.


I’m Jane.

And I’m a Pinterest addict.

They say, recognizing your addiction is the first step. So, I suppose I’m on my way to recovering. But what if I don’t want to recover? What if I like this Pinterest mania that I’m drowning in?

Pinterest is my latest obsession. Kind of like the way blogging was in the beginning. My daughter tried to get me interested in Pinterest about 8 months ago. But I was like, what’s the big deal? Ooooo. Pretty pictures. I don’t need pictures of things I like or things I want to remember. Bookmarking pages is fine for me. And I have a full and active imagination. The pictures I need are stored in my head.

But one lazy afternoon I was bored. And had a bit of writer’s block. I decided to check Pinterest out, hoping for a little inspiration.

A new obsession was born. I was hit, square between the eyes, with a full-blown Pinterest addiction.

Pretty pictures? It’s more than just pretty pictures. There are links to the pretty pictures. To other pretty blogs. To items I must have in my home or closet. Recipes. Yummy, mouthwatering, drool-worthy recipes. Cute hair styles. DIY crafts and projects that I’m all thumbs to be able to do but I pin them anyway, hoping I will one day confront my crafty fears. There are pithy quotes. Dreamy photos of exotic, far-away places. Clothes that beg to jump into my closet. Images of adorable puppies, kittens and kissable babies.

Funny pics. Silly pics. Pics that bring a tear.

Pretty pics. Goofy pics. Pics I think are weird.

But I pin them. All of them. In my cleverly titled categories. And I search for more and more and more. Filling my boards with projects and recipes and shopping vows that no one in their right mind would have enough time or money to fulfill.

“This Pinterest is a major time suck,” I lament to my daughter.

She just smiles.

And as if I already don’t have enough time to read all of your wonderful blogs and the blogs you recommend, I’m finding more and more and (oh-my-God!) more blogs to follow. It’s like I’m Dorothy and I’m not in Kansas (my little Blogland) anymore. There’s a huge, massive, enormous Blog World out there that I didn’t even know existed. My Blogland is a mere tiny little unincorporated village compared to what is really out there.


I am a Pinterest addict.

I need help.

I need an intervention.




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9 responses to “I Need A Pinterest Intervention. STAT.

  1. gaelicpearl

    Haha. My friend tried to get me interested in Pinterest about two months ago – swearing that I would absolutely love it – but I evaded for precisely the reason you describe above. I was fairly certain once I started it would be difficult to stop – and Facebook, email and blogging are enough time-vampires for me already. Good luck with the addiction! Hopefully it’s curable. 😉

  2. Jayne

    Hahaha…I’m in the Pinterest void too! It’s pretty much where I’ve de-camped to nowadays. My name on there is Jayne_LM. Where might I find you?

  3. llcooljoe

    I think it’s a good place but just way too “girly for me. But I love the quotes and some of the humour.

  4. It is so addicting sometimes! I have had to stay away because once I am on it, hours of my life pass that I will never get back. Literally.

  5. And this is EXACTLY why I simply cannot go there! Nothing would get done if I gave in to that addiction.

  6. Isn’t it AMAZING?!

    I know that both my daughters are addicts. Perhaps you could begin a support group.

  7. I love this!

    I only discovered Pinterest recently… so so so much fun.

    I don’t need a 12-step program yet… but I certainly can see how some of us might ultimately need one! Does this mean I can find you over there?

    (And happy V Day!)

  8. That is exactly why I refuse to dip my toe in Pinterest. Right now I should be doing important stuff. And instead I want to read blogs because I missed you so terribly. I cannot take on another addiction.

  9. Follow, Jane, so I can find you. I refuse to search for friends because there are already enough pins to gawk over.
    naptimewriting on pinterest, baby!

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