Valentine’s Day. The Aftermath.

My thoughts.

In bullets.

Because someone should just shoot me now.

  • Between Halloween and Valentine’s Day our teeth are bathed in chocolate. And cookies. And other tasty candies. Note to self: schedule all dental appointments in April (plenty of time to floss out the goo) and sometime in October, before the 31st. For obvious reasons.
  • Never believe your 8-year-old son when he says, “I don’t need a Valentine box. My teacher said we didn’t need one.” Because you’ll be scrambling on Valentine’s morning, 30 seconds before you need to get him out the door (when 8-year-old son decides he actually needs a Valentine box), scrounging the house for something, anything that can serve as a proper Valentines receptacle. This year #1son took a Target bag to school. (Hey. At least is was red and white.)
  • Who are all you mothers out there taping candy to your kids’ Valentines? Or buying bags of candy to place in fancy, decorated shoe-boxes (Over-achievers? I hate you.) or aforementioned Target bags? My kids insisted that they send Valentines that had candy attached to them. I said, No. There would be enough candy at the school party. They pouted. I told them, moms across America were saying the exact same thing to their kids this evening. No one will be putting even more candy into your Valentines boxes (or Target bags). Thanks, Moms. For hanging me out to dry.
  • And to my husband who completely ignored Valentine’s Day last year. Who raced out last minute to purchase wilted grocery store flowers and picked over cards in previous years. Yes. You. This is the year I decided to just get you a card. Then you blow me away with the most amazing Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever given me. So, I was the one scrambling away at the last minute. Thanks for my heart attack. And the gift. (Romantic dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date, a night at the opera (Don Giovanni) and luxury hotel for the evening. He even took care of overnight babysitting for the kids.) Amazing. But then, so are you. xoxo


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11 responses to “Valentine’s Day. The Aftermath.

  1. Opening lines? Brilliant. My guy went and wooed me this year, too. I tried to find the nicest way to explain to him that it wasn’t fair, all that making me look like the unromantic one by default 🙂

  2. So glad you had a wonderful Valentines. Overachiever moms really annoy the heck out of me too. Keeping up with other class moms is getting tougher every year. 😉

  3. Dinner, opera and hotel? Wow! Thanks a lot for sharing. Now I’ve got the hots for him, too.
    Right now I’m counting my blessings. It’s February 15th and, for once, I’m not in the doghouse. It must have been enough.
    Taping candy to Valentines? Sounds like a “keeping up with the Joneses” kind of thing. The school system should really be doing something about that. They should be teaching that the day is about making your mate feel bad, not jonesing for tooth decay.

  4. ME! When Cole was younger..I would buy suckers, tie a ribbon to them, punch a hole in the valentine–bring the ribbon through the hole and tie it all together with a fabulous bow. The bow, the sucker, and the valentine were color coordinated, of-course. I did all this to make other less loving mothers feel bad because we all know a color coordinated valentine suckers means I love my kid more than the parent who sends their kid to school with a red and white Target bag.
    Ok maybe I really did it because..I had the time (this time around) and it was fun. Over achieving mom’s need love too! Sheesh you under achieving moms are so darn judgmental. :- D Sigh. Fine. I will take the first step towards bridging the Valentine gap and applaude your Taget valentine day bag, and early morning creativity! Bravo! a big cheer for under achieving mothers everywhere. Have a gumdrop (it is gumdrop day)
    Now, Do you want to hear about the time I stayed up all night and made 35 adorable Thanksgiving turkey hats? ♥

  5. Jane, what a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day. So glad you got a night out.
    There were some exquisite (yes I said exquisite) boxes in my daughter’s class. I just bought her the pre-made one and we were both good with it.

  6. I’m convinced Halloween, Valentine’s, and Easter have all been drummed up by the Dental Industry with a side serving of Gifts & Cards.

    By the time the kids get to college, you can text Happy Something, and call it a day… 😉

  7. Oh man! Why do kids always do that?! 😉
    Your hubby really outdid himself! You totally deserve it.

  8. Overachieving moms make me want to vomit. I threw a bag of Laffy Taffy in each of my boy’s backpacks and called it a day. Also, String Bean informed me he needed a box for Valentine’s right near bedtime on the 13th. Don’t you just love the head’s up? He then informed me that it had to look “awesome” because his friend’s boxes looked “awesome.” Awesome.

  9. Times like these are when I’m glad all I’ve got is a dog. She never once has asked me for a Valentine box before she headed off to school. Treats? Well yes she asks for those…but nothing too creative.

    Your husband did WONDERFUL! We ignored the whole thing over here. Worked for me!

  10. Yeah, I hate those over-achiever moms. Unless, I accidently become one.
    And, sweetheart, don’t scramble for a gift for the husband. His favorite drink or his favorite meal or his favorite dessert is all he wants. And sex. He really just wants sex. And how easy is that?

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