The Exercise Braggarts On Facebook. Tell Me Again. Why Are We ‘Friends’?

Who are these people that I’m friends with on Facebook? All of my Facebook friends are people I either went to school with, taught, is a neighbor, etc. In other words, people I have encountered in real life. No friends of a friend of a friend of a friend. Real people I’ve interacted with in real time.

In real time they seemed…..normal.

On Facebook? Aliens. Not from my world.

“So glad I got to the gym at 5am this morning. I’m leaving at 6 and there are 3 people fighting over the cardio machine. Ha!”

“Last run before the big race. An easy 5K in 23:12. Now my left calf hurts, left knee. But I feel great!”

“Just finished a great 18 mile run. The 30mph winds? Not so great.”

“It’s cardio time! What are YOU up to?”

Me? Wow. It’s so sweet of you to care.

I’m more of an introspective and private exerciser. I love my quiet yoga time. Walks with my dog. Sometimes we walk with my neighbor and her dog. And swimming, of course. My therapy. Lap after lap.  But apart from broadcasting my exercise exploits here (for the purpose of this post, of course) I don’t feel the need to shout my daily (OK, sometimes every other day) sporting accomplishments from the rooftops.

Who are these people?

And why am I friends with them again?


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19 responses to “The Exercise Braggarts On Facebook. Tell Me Again. Why Are We ‘Friends’?

  1. I truly don’t understand the appeal of Facebook at all. Why do people feel they have to write a boring running commentary on every aspect of their lives?

  2. This cracked-me-up! I feel like half the statuses I see are 925 calories, 120 minutes…really? Who in their right mind exercises that much. And so often? I don’t want to know how many calories they burned at the gym, I want to know how many calories they consumed, because it doesn’t look like they’re slimming down. Maybe they just need a new photo every other day. 😉

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha! I hear you. As much as I sometimes despise facebook, I’m addicted to it to in that I can stay in contact with people from far away. I have a rule about not (usually) being facebook friends with people right where I live. If you want to be in contact with me, pick up the phone and call for a coffee date and then actually drive your (lazy) arse over and see me in person! Is that too much to ask?! I find it vulgar and repulsive otherwise. But for friends who live far away, I like to keep up with them, see their photos, chat online. It’s nice for that.

    (I see you have a facebook button right there….) 😉

  4. Why do I feel so compelled to improve your Facebook experience? Sorry. I have runner and exercise friends on Facebook-they aren’t bragging they are simple sharing pieces of their lives that are important to them…some don’t have children and I’m sure they get tired of all our kid talk. You have to talk about something, right? For me branching out on Facebook was helpful–not knowing people all that well can be a blessing. And a friend of a friends is pretty safe. Feel free to friend me…We may drive you crazy but you won’t be bored and we are very inclusive. By the way we eat as much as we exercise.

  5. I am right there with you! I also get tired of people gushing over every single wedding detail. It’s like, “Hello!” everyone of your FB friends aren’t invited to your wedding, so it is a little rude to constantly update everything on there.

  6. I see Katybeth’s point, but I still agree with you – I don’t update my status unless I think what I’m writing is funny or entertaining. And the one person who is constantly talking about how far she ran is someone who asked me to Like her Facebook page – she’s only a friend of a friend. And you just inspired me to unLike. Unless it’s specifically a group formed to trade fitness support and tips, it’s not my thing. Of course, that might be because what I would have to type “did fifty minutes of Zumba, then almost threw up and had to crawl back to the change room”.

  7. I see Facebook as not only a way to connect, but a way to share our joys, passions, and random life updates. For example, I’m sure people are sick of reading my pregnancy updates but most of my friends have journeyed through my miscarriages and debilitating pregnancies with me to earn the privilege of knowing how it’s going. Besides, you can always unsubscribe if you don’t like a person’s update!! 🙂

  8. I feel guilty when friends on Facebook post the “I just rocked a great Zumba workout” or “I ran my six miles in the rain. I rock” or “Cardio day at the gym – bring it on and rock it out, sisters.” After the guilt passes, I just rock back into my recliner and shop for new sneakers on the iPad – which is quite a workout, too. 😉

  9. They’re aliens. Period.

  10. I get so annoyed by this as well..the only thing I ever do is post on my boot camp instructor’s wall about how I can’t even sit down on the toiled b/c I’m so sore!!! 🙂 No bragging allowed!!!

  11. Oh and marathon stickers for your car…where’s mine that says “I’ve worked out 6 days a week since i was 12!” Braggers!!!

  12. *damn it* toilet!!! I’m done now.

  13. Yesterday was one of the few times I spent more than 15 minutes on Facebook. It was a way to know what was going on somewhere far away, and it was helpful.


    Reasonable for a few quick updates, take things with a grain of salt, and head elsewhere… Then again, I know that for some people, it’s absolutely a way of life.

    Just not mine!

  14. I post my blog updates on my facebook account and then peruse for a few minutes learning about friends and family, both near and far. I don’t understand the need to publicize every little minute detail about one’s life. For me, it is oversharing, but for some a way to express themselves.

  15. Jenni

    Amen! I am an avid exerciser with a degree in exercise science. Fitness is a huge part of my life but I keep it to myself. Those who throw out there daily exercise habits are only seeking attention. They want a pay on the back, and to me it seems as if something is lacking in other areas of their life that they have to get attention elsewhere.

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