Tires and Guns and Mom’s Epic Fail. Or Was It?

A car sped past us and ran the light turning yellow to red.

My eight-year-old, in all of his wisdom says, “I know how to stop him, Dad. You take a gun and you shoot and you blow out his tires.”

I’m too shocked to speak. Thoughts are bombarding my brain. Epic fail, Mom. How does he know this? The TVs are programmed PG or less. How could he have seen such a thing?  Where did I fail my son? That’s it. No more television. No more computer. No more video games. I’m unplugging everything as soon as we get home.

Meanwhile, my husband, very calmly, says, “That would be a very dangerous thing to do. It could cause an accident, not to mention the fact that you would ruin the tires and tires are expensive.”

Not missing a beat, #1son says, “Well, Dad. That’s why he should have a retirement plan.”

Well. At least I raised a kid with a quick wit and a sense of humor.


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12 responses to “Tires and Guns and Mom’s Epic Fail. Or Was It?

  1. Oh, my goodness! Kids say the craziest thing. I absolutely LOVE their logic!

  2. Good discussion opener. All good. 😉

  3. Hard to keep a straight face with those quips, isn’t it?

  4. My youngest told me to run over the slow moving car in front of my by using my Inspector-Gadget-type wheels. If only I had those kinds of tires. 😉

  5. Hey, you gotta give the kid credit for his honesty!

  6. Hahaha. Sassy kiddo. I like it!


    (The beginning of a stand-up career?)

  8. Ahahah! From the mouth of babes!!

  9. OMG. That’s all I have to contribute…

  10. Hehe, good humour but yeah … mind you, the PGs these days – or am I sounding old or something?! 😉

  11. Those kids can catch us off guard. Nice recovery on his part though.

  12. OMG his comment back is hilarious! My kids say things like this too…and it drives me insane! Is it just a boy thing or what?

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