Curses You, George Vernon Hudson!

A reprint from my archives. Because it bears repeating.

Curses you, George Vernon Hudson!

George is the reason I’m so exhausted this morning.

George is the reason that there is a 68% increase in lost days of work around this time of year due to injury on the job.

George is the reason that there will be a spike in heart attacks this week.

Because of George, children across the country may be waiting for their school bus in the dark.

And if my kids get sick in the next few days, I’m blaming George!

George is responsible for my certain crabbiness for the next few days because, frankly, it’s all his fault.

Curses you, Daylight Saving Time!

(The inspiration for this post came from my curiosity of whose stupid idea this was, anyway. Because it certainly wasn’t a mother who thought, “Let’s deprive everyone of an hour of sleep during flu and cold season. What a great idea!”)


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7 responses to “Curses You, George Vernon Hudson!

  1. Except now Shasta dog hasn’t reset her clock and I get to sleep an hour later. In the fall, when we fall back and she does not, I will not be a happy camper, however. Why oh why does man have to always tinker with things as they are? Have they not heard of leaving well enough alone?

  2. I abhor daylight savings time. I would much prefer that we let nature give us the gradual change rather than changing an hour at once. I must say our dogs were delighted to have such an early dinner. Of course they will drive us crazy when we return to standard time.

  3. I am definitely not keen on this time change.The first few days are always harder….Its dark when I wake-up, and I am begging for only another 5 minutes of sleep (ugh). Soon, Soon I wil be used to it. in the meantime, I am going to blame George too.

  4. And lucky us! We have CSAP testing today, Wed and Thurs. My kid had a total, full-throttle meltdown this morning. Well played, school district. Well played.

  5. Hate. Him. George, I’m generally a kind person. But if I ever meet you I will have strong words and a very curt “Good Day, Sir,” for you.

  6. A-freaking-men! Why does one little hour kick my ass so much?

  7. clint

    I could not agree more. He should of buried his head in the sand. I would like to change things about my job but I don’t whine about it just because something does not suit me.

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