You Mean There’s Never Going To Be A Doughnut Diet? Rats. Life Isn’t Worth Living.

Earlier in the week there was breaking news in the diet department.

Apparently there are “10 Despicable Doughnuts!” and an article urging you to “think twice before grabbing one of these fatty sugar bombs.”

I enjoy a doughnut from time to time.  I imbibe every third month or so. And I have fond memories of my more regular doughnut eating days. Weekends when my dad would bring home a dozen from Dunkin’ Donuts or after church, sneaking doughnut holes off the buffet at the meet ‘n greet in the church hall.

Curious as a cat, I clicked the link. Evil doughnuts? Were there any angelic ones? If there are 10 despicable ones then maybe they list the virtuous ones.

Are you curious? Do you want to know who graces the evil top 10?

Starbucks Old Fashioned Glazed Doughnut. Entenmann’s Devil’s Food. Little Debbie Mini Frosted. Dunkin’ Donut’s Chocolate Coconut Glazed. Krispy Kreme’s Vanilla Iced Creme.

Oh. No.

Aren’t these your run of the mill, fun, treat-type doughnuts?

And they’re ALL bad for me?

The article goes on to state “don’t be fooled” by the addition of blueberries to Dunkin’ Donut’s Blueberry Crumb Donut. (I wasn’t.) And here’s the big shocker (not): doughnuts are loaded with calories mainly from sugar and fat.


Who knew?

Uhhmmmm….practically everyone.

Am I right?

Raise your hand if you thought doughnuts were health food.

Hmmm. No one. Well, that’s a sigh of relief.

Is there anyone out there stupid enough to think that a doughnut is the breakfast of champions? That it shouldn’t be a once in a while treat? That maybe, just maybe, they might be packed with empty calories?

(Shaking my head in disbelief at what passes for breaking news these days. It must be a slow news day.

And I suppose, that’s a good thing.

Now go on and have a great, newsworthy day!  Oh, and have a doughnut! I know I will. Because after reading that article, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them.)


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12 responses to “You Mean There’s Never Going To Be A Doughnut Diet? Rats. Life Isn’t Worth Living.

  1. Oh no! All this time I was thinking a doughnut was a fruit/vegetable serving!

  2. Sweet stuff has become a crime unless it’s high end, fancy cupcake-style fashionable baking. Recipe books don’t have dessert chapters anymore either. As long as you’re not labouring under any delusions about the nature of your treat then what does it matter! Spoilsports. 🙂

  3. WHAT?! You mean I’ve been avoiding donuts despite nostalgic cravings, and only some of them are bad for me? I thought the whole lot were fat and sugar bombs, which I eschewed so I could use my empty calorie allotments on wine, candy, and sourdough by the ton. Now I know which ten to avoid, I’m totally going to go have a donut (or two) a day. Thanks for the info, Jane!

  4. You’ll never guess what else – eating at McDonald’s every night isn’t good for you either. True story – I read it in a newspaper.

  5. But maybe there could be an ice cream diet? And then life would be worthwhile again.

  6. I always justify eating donuts because I can work them off by the end of the day! I am now craving a Krispy Kreme. Oh, the horror (or happiness!) 🙂

  7. Hate to tell you this but you’re getting to ‘That Stage’. You know, of course you know – it’s bleeding obvious … but the sprogs coming up behind need it spelled out in words. of. one. syllable. Why do we need to do this? Because we have infantilised our populations. How else do we explain the woman in Sydney who thought it OK to drink 18 litres of Coke a day (and died)? And the guy who said that Coke is just like water, so why not? I despair, you despair, we all despair. Darwin Awards.

  8. And I’m fairly sure at some point there was a governemnt study ordered to determine this fact.

  9. I still think the blueberries in the DD counts as a fruit. Hmph.

    I didn’t know that DD had a chocolate coconut donut. I’ll have to try it. Reading that article has now done me more harm than good.

  10. No vitamin D in donuts?
    Are you sure?

  11. Right! Who eats donuts because they are healthy…Surely, I get my blueberry Dunkin Donut because of the anti-oxidant effect of the blueberries (smile)… Silly people, we eat donuts because they taste good and they feel indulgent.


  12. Is this a sign that our 24 hour news cycle has finally run out of grist for its mill? 🙂

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