School’s Out For Summer, Alice, And I’ve Done Nothing But Blog

This is how I want to feel……

But this is how I really feel…..

Today is my last day of freedom. My last day that I have complete and total control over what I do. And then? Let the summer games begin. School is out in a mere 6 days. Six.

Count ’em.

One – Have to work at my  husband’s office.

Two and Three – Long weekend out of town so the boys can sleep on an aircraft carrier for Cub Scouts.

Four – Daughter home from college (yay!) filled with errands and appointments for her.

Five – Chaperone end-of-year activity for #2son’s class.

Six – School play and party for #1son’s class. And the last day of school.

Where did the time go?

I feel like such a failure.

Closets cleaned out? Zero.

Pictures put in chronological order in fancy scrapbooks? Still sitting in a herd of shoe boxes.

Recipe cards organized and alphabetized and sorted? The same jumbled mess that jumps out and bites me every time I open the cabinet door.

Boxes cleared out that have been sitting in the basement since we moved here 5 years ago? Eight. (Thank God, I’ve stumbled onto some progress. I just won’t tell you how many more I have to go through. Thirty-two. Hey! Who said that?)

Lunches with friends while the kids are in school? Two. Two in ten months. Really people. We need to adjust our priorities!

Garages cleaned out? Zero.

Drawers lined with pretty scented paper? Zero.

Books read? Eight. (My goal was 20.)

Blog posts posted? 131.


Looks like I just figured out where I’ve been spending all my time.

Eh. That’s OK.

You people are more fun than clean closets and tidy garages.

Way more fun!


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14 responses to “School’s Out For Summer, Alice, And I’ve Done Nothing But Blog


    Hahahaha! Love the video! Thanks for blogging!

  2. Love the Alice! We have two more weeks, but then…it’s all over,bby!

  3. Eight books read! I say give yourself some credit for that!!! (Mine may be a little bit older, and my list of “not yet dones” somewhat different, but I hear you…. )

  4. Wow, that’s early isn’t it? I thought the US broke up at the end of June, the UK is the end of July. 🙂

  5. I sometimes get annoyed when people use my perceived failings to make themselves feel better, so I hate myself for saying this – but THANK YOU. My photos are similarly crammed in shoe boxes, my basement is similarly crammed with crap and my closets are a Certified Disaster Area. And I haven’t worked ANYWHERE. But I’ve blogged. I’ve had a few more lunches. And I’ve read 83 books according to Goodreads. We’re okay, right?

  6. We are on opposite schedules. I am counting the days until school gets out and I have some time for myself and my very long “to do” list that has been put on hold since last summer. I usually tackle the list pretty good in June and then I gradually find myself easily distracted towards the “fun” and end up with a big “undone” list (and I am sure many blog posts).

    Seems like a common behavior to me … don’t you think? I think that makes us “normal” and our priorities lean towards what we love. I hope you agree with me or my “guilt” for not finishing my “to do” list this summer will be unbearable. 😉

  7. Does this help?
    Zero friend lunches. Zero closets. Zero boxes. Zero work on novel. Or articles. Zero movies seen. Half a book read. Half.

    We have another five weeks, ao clearly I could…bah. why bother?

  8. Closets can wait. Drawer liners can wait. Garages can wait. Summer is here NOW! Enjoy your kids while they’re home…school starts again in..what…60 days? Pretty soon you can get back to actively not sorting closets or lining drawers or sifting through garage stuff. For now, have fun!

  9. Golly, isn’t this awfully early? Actually, I’m impressed with your list of accomplishments. My computer is stuck to my fingertips.

    Don’t forget to take your vitamins.

  10. Jayne

    Not wishing to sound like The Old Woman Of The Hills but – this is the best time! Forget the closet cleaning and organisation and be a child again, enjoying the long days, becoming lost in innocent child-like pursuits and creating happy memories for you all. (The huge perk of having children is the ability to vicariously enjoy childhood again). 🙂 The cleaning and organisation will wait for another time when your ‘children’ are way too busy somewhere else.

    (Love merrilymarylee’s comment) 😀

  11. School’s nearly out already? Wow! Boo and Radley’s last day is June 8th.

  12. llcooljoe

    My eldest daughter is already home on Study leave. But the only thing she studies is what’s on TV!

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