Call Me Maybe Boys Vs. Girls

Your Tuesday morning giggle.

The boys…..

vs. the girls….

Love it!

(Apparently, Big Brother thinks I’m getting rich off of sharing the above video with all 23 of my readers. To see this hilarious take of Call Me Maybe go to Youtube and search for Call Me Maybe SMU. It should be the first video to pop up.)


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7 responses to “Call Me Maybe Boys Vs. Girls

  1. Well I think the girls showed more technique, dancing right way up is a challenge enough for me! And I’m also surprised that they didn’t cause any accidents especially when those legs were at the lights for ages! Thanks for giving me a laugh. 🙂

  2. Black Sheep

    Reblogged this on Spinning the Black Sheep and commented:
    the kids and I watched these this morning and it was a wonderful way to start our day..


    Hahaha! Road trip! It was like watching boxing v. synchronized swimming 🙂

  4. Loved this! SMU happens to be my alma mater. Thanks for the morning pick me up.

  5. How fun! I went to watch the girls video as well, then watched the Today Show version with both teams. What a giggle, all of it! Thanks for sharing. Here’s my 25cents to add to your growing wealth. 🙂

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