Hey! Got A Spare House Payment? Great! Let’s Go To A Concert!

I am a big Pink Floyd/The Wall/Roger Waters fan. My husband? Even bigger.

So when I saw on 60 Minutes the scope and scale of the Roger Waters show that is touring the country, I was intrigued.

Three years to plan and create this rock opera extravaganza. With 42 high-definition projectors. The screen, flashing images throughout the concert, is 3 stories tall and as long as a football field. Choirs. Orchestras. And Roger Waters, of course.

My husband’s birthday is this summer and I thought, what a treat! I’ll take him to see this amazing concert. And since I get to go, too, it’s a win-win!

Fifty bucks for tickets in the nosebleeds. Hmmmm. Let’s see what it is a little closer to the action. The tickets jump to $199 and $250. And we’re still not even near the floor yet. We’re still waaaaayyyy up there. It’s a pretty huge venue.

(Cue cynical smirk.)

Wonder what the prices are for tickets on the floor?

They start at $575. Or you can pay $1250 to be right on top of the action.

One thousand, two hundred, fifty dollars.

For one ticket.

Just one.

That’s a house payment. Or college tuition payment. Or a monthly paycheck for a teacher.

Twelve hundred dollars and change for the opportunity to be entertained for a few hours.

I’m appalled.

And then I stumble upon this piece about Roger Waters being thrilled that he was able to see Jimi Hendrix and Cream back in the 60’s for about 2 bucks. Recounted as the “deal of his life” Waters said, “It might have been the best purchase I ever made.”

Where is our deal, Mr. Waters?

I am so sick of celebrities: wearing their armbands of support, wearing t-shirts and hats screaming their favorite charity, lending their name and face to a philanthropic endeavor, pleading with us to give all we can and then turning around and agreeing with the venue to charge us a thousand bucks to see them play. I realize the star doesn’t receive all of the profit. But c’mon. A thousand dollars? You’re kidding me, right?

So, I’m curious. What charities does Roger Waters want me to support?

I go to looktothestars.org and search his name.

And this is what I find:

“Charities & foundations supported

None known – if you know of one, please drop us an email”

Not surprising.


We’re not going. Even to sit in the nosebleeds.

I still love the music.

But I am no longer a fan.

(I know there are artists out there that refuse to deal with certain venues or ticket sellers because of outrageous pricing. If you know of any, please list them in the comments section below. Those are the artists I want to support.)


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11 responses to “Hey! Got A Spare House Payment? Great! Let’s Go To A Concert!

  1. Oh, what a disappointment! And what a RIP-OFF! I saw the 60 Minutes show, as well, although I hadn’t checked into tickets. Now I know that there is no need. Thanks for the heads up.

    I must wonder if there is some relationship between what has happened here with ticket prices and poor record sales (not just Waters and Pink Floyd, but for all artists).

    I remember when good seats on the floor, up next to the stage, were $12! Even Pink Floyd!

  2. That is totally obscene. Like, how much money do they possibly want to make? Maybe they’re spending too much on the effects, more important that they focus on the music to my mind. Isn’t that why anyone’d want to go?! I’ve not heard the phrase ‘in the nosebleeds’ before, cool. 🙂

  3. That and professional sports games will put you in the poor house. And movies.

  4. Um, craziness!!! What the hell, and I can’t even afford to pay a normal person’s bills on a teacher’s income. There is something wrong with our country.

  5. Jayne

    ‘Money speaks’ – It’s another example of how the gap between the ‘have’ and ‘have nots’ is rapidly widening. The greed being exhibited in so many areas of our western life is pretty sick making.

    Yes, I hate the sanctimonious bleating of many celebrities [Saint] Bono being a particular bête noire with me.

  6. I think most of the outrageous costs can be summed up in three words, “Clear Channel Communications.”

    I do know that Dave Matthews refuses to play expensive venues and I am sure there must be others.

    “Got to keep the loonies on the path.” I just turned my iPod on. “Brain Damage” may be my favorite ear worm.

  7. Some of it is most likely controlled by the venue…but he could choose to defray the costs…or bring in some worthy local people for a discount or for free. And doesn’t support any charities? That’s the part that is obscene..that he doesn’t do good with any of the proceeds.

  8. Wow. WOW. My mind is well and truly blown.

  9. Yeah. And must I really mention what we pay experienced teachers who put in 60 hours/week? Just as a point of comparison?

    I love their music, too. But holy moly.

    Then again, I’d love to know what you think about Sean (Diddy) Combs’s son Justin getting a full ride to UCLA… @ $54,000/year… Uh, Dad is worth half a billion. Do we think he’ll politely decline the bucks but accept the school?

  10. Well said Jane. I am appalled that nothing was listed under the charity section.

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