Yell At Me, OK?

I love words. I love the sound of certain words. I love the way words string together and mean so many different things. My husband calls me The Queen of Syntax. He complains that I get lost in semantics.

So, sue me. It’s my character flaw.

And I own it.

The other day my husband took a quick break from doing yard work and said to me, “I have Tai Chi class at 7pm. I’m not finished in the yard.  Could you yell at me at 6?”

Ummmmm. Sure.

At the appointed hour I stood on our back porch.

“Hey!” I yelled, “I’ve asked you a hundred times to put the suitcases in the basement! And your tools have been sitting on top of the dryer for a month! Put them away NOW, you slob!”

He doubled over in laughter.

Oh no. What will the neighbors think?

(Sorry for the re-run. My sister is still visiting and she doesn’t even know I blog. And I’m not telling her now. So, I’m going to be a bit scarce. I’ll try to sneak online but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite posts. Enjoy your week!)


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5 responses to “Yell At Me, OK?

  1. I remember this one but it’s still hysterically funny. 🙂

  2. Hands down one of my faves. Thanks for the repeat.

  3. New to me…and I’m laughing while being impressed you have a husband that takes Tai Chi AND laughed! 🙂

  4. Love it! You have such great comedic timing.

  5. Thanks for the laugh! I miss this one the first time around. Grateful you reposted.

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