Competitive Yoga? It’s Official. Now, I’ve Seen Everything.

There’s a reason I don’t share everything about my life with some people.


My husband calls me a competitive person. And he may be right. Maybe. I like to think of myself as driven. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I enjoy success. But I don’t think of myself as competitive.

There is a certain frequent house guest of mine, to whom I may or may not be related, who is very competitive with me. While we were growing up we’d compare music collections, swim times, who had the “fattest” thighs. (She won.) 

Even now, as adults, I feel her critical eye whenever she visits. Who has the better relationship with her kids? Who has the nicer things? Who has the fatter thighs? (I win.)

I encouraged her to try yoga. And now when she visits, she wants to practice together. And check out who is more flexible? Who can hold a pose the longest? Who has the fatter thighs? (I still win.)

This past trip, I think I hurt her feelings when I said, “It’s really the only time I schedule just for me. And since I always end my practice with lots of meditation, I’d prefer to do it by myself.”

I feel bad that I hurt her feelings. But I’m glad I stuck to my Zen guns.

“Did my first handstand in yoga today!” – was her latest Facebook status.

(Cue subtle eye-roll.)

Her status got me thinking if other people were annoyed with competitive yoga-mates.

I had barely Googled “Competitive y…..” when the auto-suggest popped up “Competitive Yoga.” And not just 6 0r 8 hits. We’re talking 12,000,000+. A competitive yoga slide show, with an article in the New York Times, and another article about an Asana competition, topped off with a Youtube video entitled “Inside The Vicious World of Competitive Yoga.”

Vicious and yoga in the same sentence? Seriously?

It’s official. Now, I’ve seen everything.

And I had to giggle when 2011 Yoga Asana Champion Kelsea Bangora said, “I don’t want to show off. I mean, my own students don’t even know I’m a champion.”

Hmmm. Don’t want to show off?

Maybe you shouldn’t enter competitions?

Just a thought.


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5 responses to “Competitive Yoga? It’s Official. Now, I’ve Seen Everything.

  1. Looks like just another form of gymnastics to me, not yoga. I’m morbidly curious though…

  2. That does just seem a wee bit oxymoronic. 🙂

  3. Gross.

    and good for you for sticking with your concept of yoga as alone time.

  4. I have tried. Really tried. Took two sets of classes. Just don’t LIKE yoga.

  5. OH-EM-GEE.

    Ridiculous. (But you do make me chuckle.)

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