Inquiring Minds Want To Know Or Mystery Of The Chipped Tooth Revealed

It’s not an exciting story. It’s not even a very interesting story.

But it is a story that should be told. If only, so that you, my dear readers, may benefit.

Suffice it to say, these:

and these:

….do not mix. Ever.

And the really scary thing is? Just before I tried to remove that pesky staple from my daughter’s homework because I couldn’t find one of these:

I said, shaking one finger at her with a stern expression on my face:

“Now. Don’t EVER do this!”

The next thing we heard was a little crack and part of my tooth broke right off.

So, I looked like this:

Only worse. But without the beard because, well, I haven’t sported a beard in years.

It looked more like this:

(Sorry. I only used the bearded picture because I thought it was funny. Yep. I’m easily amused.) 

And then, I’ve looked like this:

…three times. Once to get it fixed when it initially happened ten years ago. And then twice since then because of where the chip is located/my bite/the fact that I won’t wear a night guard – the dental work has come out.

Reminding me all over again of my stupidity years ago.

I share this embarrassing story with you so that you may learn.

Murphy’s Law does indeed exist.

If it can happen, it will.

Your teeth are not tools.

They should only be used to eat this:

Now, I highly recommend you go here – The Kitchen Witch – and here – Tomatoes on the Vine so you can put your pearly whites to good use. They are my two favorite blogs that inspire me in the kitchen.

Because, I’d rather be in the kitchen than in the dentist’s chair any day of the week!


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6 responses to “Inquiring Minds Want To Know Or Mystery Of The Chipped Tooth Revealed

  1. I avoid everything that may lead to a self-inflicted trip to the dentist chair.
    thanks for the reminder.

  2. The beard is funny! Using your teeth as a staple remover? Apparently, not so funny.

  3. NCMountainwoman

    Get a mouth guard. One made from impressions to custom fit over your lower teeth. Believe me, it will be comfortable and will help immensely. I breathe a sigh of relief every night when I put it in place. Adult pacifier kind of describes it and no more sore jaws when I wake up.

  4. Oh, Jane! Sadly, I know exactly what this feels like. Only for me it was a sour dough pretzel (roughly closer to food than a staple, but not by much) and I lost half of a molar. Embarrassing. I think the worst part was hearing it crack in my mouth. I still shutter at the memory…

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