NBC Isn’t Racist. In Fact, They’re The Exact Opposite.

We are pushing our beautiful, new baby girl in her stroller. She is perfect. She is gorgeous.

She is  Asian.

We, her proud parents,  are Caucasian.

And in that moment, all we saw was our perfect, amazing angel sent from heaven.

And so did the elderly gentleman, our neighbor, passing us in the park.

He stopped and oohed and aahed over our baby girl. Because he was our neighbor he was well aware of the long process we had undertaken. He offered his congratulations.

“She is absolutely gorgeous!”

We beamed.

And then, in hushed tones, he said, “Are you going to tell her she’s adopted?”

My husband couldn’t hold back a little laugh. “Uh, I think she’s going to figure that one out for herself.”

Our neighbor was embarrassed. Laughed it off. And said, “Of course.”

Later, my husband was marveling over his ridiculous question. I disagreed.

“I think it shows how color blind he is. All he saw was our beautiful baby girl. And in his generation, adoption isn’t as open as it is now.”

Flash forward 20 years.

Bob Costas, closing the evening for NBC after the Olympic coverage last night, commented on Gabby Douglas’s gold medal in gymnastics. He notes the role model she is for other young African-American girls.

And then, NBC goes to commercial.

Twitter went wild. Articles are splashed all over the internet, adding to a growing list of NBC’s blunders during the 2012 Olympics. Leading the criticism? The time delay should allow for plenty of fact checking and error checking.

I say NBC did their checks. And the completely non-racist, color-blind producers approved the commercial that followed Bob Costas’s close because, frankly, they didn’t see the color of Gabby’s skin. They saw a role model for young girls, of every color.

At least, that’s what I’d like to think.

But I have to admit.

Of all their snafus?

This one is the most entertaining.


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3 responses to “NBC Isn’t Racist. In Fact, They’re The Exact Opposite.

  1. Please tell me the other mistakes—because I missed them!!! I don’t think that was racist…but probably not the best choice of follow-up commercials! 😉

  2. Hmm wasn’t that keen on Costa’s comment myself. She’s a role model full stop.

  3. I wondered how Gabby felt about being labelled as a role model for African-American girls. I’m with llcooljoe — let’s just call her a role model for aspiring gymnasts and forget about race.

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