Pinch Me. College Age Daughter Actually Wants To Come Home For A Visit.

“Mom, they cancelled my shift on Saturday. I don’t have to work until Wednesday,” #1daughter whined over the phone.

Boy, this is a switch, I thought. The realities of college expenses are finally sinking in.

I’m dying to ask her to come home, spend some time with us before the boys start school, but I want to be the “cool mom.” I want to be the mom who gives her daughter the space and independence she needs to become a functioning, healthy adult.

So, I bite my tongue. I ask about weekend plans, instead. I suggest biking or checking out the pilates class at the school fitness center.


I joke, “If you were a little closer you could come home for a few free meals.” (Okay. I’m not really joking but I’ve run out of suggestions.)

“Really?!” she says excitedly.

“Of course!”

“Okay! I’ll pack a few things and call you as soon as I’m on the road!”



Four hours later my angel was home. Teasing her brothers and taking them out for frozen yogurt. Watching the Olympics with her mom. Late night B-movies with her dad.

Given a few free days and my daughter actually wanted to come home and spend them with us.

What a relief. Maybe I am doing something right.


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8 responses to “Pinch Me. College Age Daughter Actually Wants To Come Home For A Visit.

  1. That’s a beautiful family you have there!

  2. That and a few free meals! 😉 Just teasing. 🙂

  3. Lovely! Glad you get to enjoy some time with the entire gang.

  4. Aww, that’s so sweet. I’m always excited when my son wants to come home to visit, too. At first, he’d spend all his time re-connecting with friends. But now he really comes home to see us. Isn’t it great? 🙂

  5. That’s wonderful…and your kids are GORGEOUS!

  6. I think our children start to genuinely appreciate home and their mom, in a whole new way, when they are away at school. How can you tell? They want to come visit!

    Beautiful family 🙂

  7. Yes you are Jane, yes you are.

  8. Lucky, lucky, lucky, awesome mama!

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