What Will You Do To Spread Some Magic Today?

I saw this story awhile ago.

It warmed my heart then.

It warms my heart now.

Freddie Wieczorek works part-time at Walt Disney World, checking the bags of the guests who flock to Magic Kingdom. Encouraged to spread the magic, as all Disney employees are encouraged to do, he bought an autograph book and began asking the children who came through the gates dressed in costume for their autograph.

In his 4+ years at Disney he’s collected over 1,400 signatures (sometimes scribbles, depending on the age.) To see their faces light up when they’ve been “mistaken for the real thing” brings him such joy. And he is spreading joy to the child, the parents and those who witness the scene.

It’s no secret I love Walt Disney and the empire he began. I love the magic. I love the joy. I love the many, many employees like Mr. Wieczorek who embrace the Disney philosophy and take it that extra step.

Seeing this photo again reminded me that I don’t have to wait to go to Disney World to experience the magic. I can make my own right here, right now.

What will you do to spread some magic today?


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8 responses to “What Will You Do To Spread Some Magic Today?

  1. This is SO COOL! I heard another story of a Disney employee going above and beyond, though it escapes me now. Disney really knows how to create a magical atmosphere, even for its employees.

  2. I know I’ve got pixie dust around here somewhere πŸ™‚

  3. What a great story showing we are all always capable of making someone’s day and sprinkling fairy dust where ever go!

  4. Sweet story. I’ll think about what my brand of magic might be. . . .

  5. I adore Disney! We were there this summer, and the bag checkers called all of the girls (including me) princess and all of the boys pirates. We were all grinning ear to ear before we even slid our tickets through the machines! Truly magical. πŸ™‚

  6. This reminds me of a Buddhist saying that I read recently that says – We should act our way into a better way of thinking, instead of thinking our way into a better way of acting.

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