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Not A Proud Mommy Moment. But Funny, All The Same.

I used to teach teenagers. They taught me a lot. About pop culture. The latest music. And they shared with me their sophomoric sense of humor. Which I was always tickled by.

And it doesn’t help that I watch shows like Dexter where the f-word is dropped every other sentence. While I was teaching I did a pretty good job of cleaning up my potty mouth. When I became a mother? Even better.

But the off-color sense of humor? I think I still need a little work.


Eight and nine year old boys, packed in the car. Ready to go. Finally!

Pull out of the driveway. Close garage door. Ease into the street and Mommy says:

“And we’re off! Like a prom dress!”

Silence. (As she realizes what just came out of her mouth.)


Yes? (Said with deep trepidation.)

“What does ‘off like a prom dress’ mean?”

More silence as she scrambles for an age appropriate definition.

There isn’t one.


Epic fail.


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