Not A Proud Mommy Moment. But Funny, All The Same.

I used to teach teenagers. They taught me a lot. About pop culture. The latest music. And they shared with me their sophomoric sense of humor. Which I was always tickled by.

And it doesn’t help that I watch shows like Dexter where the f-word is dropped every other sentence. While I was teaching I did a pretty good job of cleaning up my potty mouth. When I became a mother? Even better.

But the off-color sense of humor? I think I still need a little work.


Eight and nine year old boys, packed in the car. Ready to go. Finally!

Pull out of the driveway. Close garage door. Ease into the street and Mommy says:

“And we’re off! Like a prom dress!”

Silence. (As she realizes what just came out of her mouth.)


Yes? (Said with deep trepidation.)

“What does ‘off like a prom dress’ mean?”

More silence as she scrambles for an age appropriate definition.

There isn’t one.


Epic fail.


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11 responses to “Not A Proud Mommy Moment. But Funny, All The Same.

  1. How very amusing – would loved to have been a fly on the car window!!

  2. D

    Ha, ha, ha. You are allowed a slip every now and then.

  3. Here’s another one to explain … whore’s drawers. 😉

  4. Ahhh hahahaha! I’ve needed a foot in my mommy mouth more times that I can count 🙂

  5. Child-friendly explanation:
    Prom dresses are immensely uncomfortable, so when girls get home from the prom, they want to take them off as fast as they can. And get into pj’s. So they can be comfortable. (think that’ll fly?)

  6. Love Dexter and love you, in all of your colors!

  7. Hilarious and priceless! I have been known to utter a few phrases that required creative explanations! 🙂

  8. OMG! So funny!!! This reminds me of some of the things that happened on “Friends” that I had to explain to my son when he was young.Awkward!

  9. “I don’t actually know but it was in my favorite movie of all time, pretty in pink, which is an iconc film about high school…do you know what iconic means?” Ater you spend 5 minutes defining iconic they will probably have forgotten.

    Also? Hilarious. Thank you. 😉

  10. How funny!!! I’ve done that before…oops!

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