Hand Washing Lesson For Dummies



My guess?

If you need these instructions, posted over the sink?

You have probably skipped the sink area and are already skipping out the door.

Ahh, Brawny. Thank you for the hand washing lesson.

But I’m afraid you are preachin’ to the choir.


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7 responses to “Hand Washing Lesson For Dummies

  1. I love your witty observations.

    Where I work there is a sign in the bathroom that reads: “Employees must wash hands using the provided lightly soap-scented plain ordinary water.”

    Rather than buying more liquid hand soap when the dispenser runs out they simply keep refilling the container with water over and over again until there is just the hint of soapiness.

    Personally I wash my hands of the whole thing. It makes me feel brawny.

  2. I like to think these are posted as reminders for kids who go in alone. It should say… “You know Mom is gonna sniff your hands to be sure you washed!”

    • The inspections takes place at all times that comes with the mothering job.along with being an exemplar but you know now young people work at these places and believe it or not some adults need this wall reminder so backtracking is needed to get the hands washed . Thank You Brawny for a public service reminder!.

  3. That sign is for us to remember our Brawny paper towels when shopping at the grocery store.

  4. When I was a kid my Mom used to say “If you’re going to the trouble to run the water and wet the soap you might as well wash your hands.” A life lesson if ever there was one πŸ™‚

  5. Where did you see this? Come on! Were there directions in the toilet stall too?

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