Clearly I Have Too Much Time On My Hands

My daughter dragged me kicking and screaming into this century. She gave me her old iphone4.

I loved it.

It was awesome. Which is what she was expecting.

“And Mom, the guy at the store said he’d give you a discount on the iphone 4S if you wanted to upgrade since you’re due for one!”

Sold! (Because I’m all about the discount.)

So now, I have a brand spanking new iphone 4S. Not the iphone 5, of course, because those are just ridiculously expensive.

I love having my music all in one place. I love the apps I’ve found so far. I love playing mindless games and sending email and doing my banking and checking traffic. All from a phone! It’s amazing. I just know that a world with people flying around with jet-packs is right around the corner.

The only thing I didn’t get was Siri.

Most everything I’d ask her, she’d send me to the internet. I gave up.

“Siri, you’re useless.”

“Well, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion.”

She cracked me up. So, I started asking nonsensical questions, quoted song lyrics, and generally, tried to stump her.

Before I knew it, I’d been playing with Siri for over an hour.

If you Google it, you’ll find plenty of sites that share the hilarious responses Siri can come up with. But don’t do that now. Instead, share your favorite Siri response below.

And then ask Siri, “Who let the dogs out?”


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9 responses to “Clearly I Have Too Much Time On My Hands

  1. I went through much the same process as you. I resisted for years then picked up a free iPod. I loved it. Especially the music. Now I’m a goner and writing this on my iPad.

    Siri can be useful but you have to know how to play her. One time I found her particularly frustrating and told her something which must remain unsaid.

    She replied, “That’s not very nice.”

  2. I love the music options on my iphone. Download Pandora and you have the option to choose all your favorite singers.

  3. AH

    I told her “I hate you” and she said “I’d rather you didn’t”

  4. Haha. Oh, Siri. I’m just now getting a phone with a touch screen. It’s kind of ruining my life, making me feel way too old and out of hip circles. I don’t know if I’m smart enough for an iPhone yet.

  5. Fun post! I love my iphone, but don’t use Siri. My daughter keeps trying to convince me I should, but I’ve lived 40-odd years without Siri and am content to go on. But I may still look up those funny posts and responses.

  6. I feel old. My husband gave me his old Android. I can’t figure out how to answer the phone when it rings. So it goes to voice mail and then I call people back. Sucks. I can’t figure out much of anything else on it either. Don’t want to admit to him I want my old phone back that just did things like make calls. Sigh.

  7. For your amusement I will do better than a Siri story…in fourth grade my friend got a computer. A home computer. In 1981. And she and I played some game in some ancient computer language. And when we got frustrated, we typed foul language into the computer. And one of those times, and I mean one out of dozens, it replied, “Your place or mine?”

    I love software programmers that embed silliness like that based on a basic knowledge of human behavior. And I love whoever told Siri to stand up for herself. 😉

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