My Son. The Supernanny.

We all have good days and bad days as a parent. We all pray that our children won’t end up on Dr. Phil one day, telling the world how we messed them up.

And then, out of nowhere, when we least expect it, we get a glimpse of how we’re doing.

While folding clothes and watching a re-run of Supernanny, my youngest son sat down. Just to be in the same room. To play on his Kindle. And he started watching.


“Mom? They should put her in a time out. Shouldn’t they be in bed by now? I can’t believe he even knows that word. How old is he?”

Then a Supernanny parenting question pops on the screen. We have to wait until the commercial break for the answer.

“I don’t have to wait. That’s an easy one. The answer is C!”

Sure enough, he’s right.

“You’re going to be an amazing father someday,” I beam.

“Yeah,” he muses, going back to his game.

“Just remember everything I taught you,” I say, kissing the top of his head.

“No,” he says, “I’ll remember everything you DID.”



Today is a GOOD day.


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7 responses to “My Son. The Supernanny.

  1. Love this. Authentic and emotional – I am certain you will carry those words in your heart.

  2. Nice. 🙂 My son just recently told me that when he and his wife have kids, he wants to raise them like my husband and I did. I was so flattered that I wanted him to run out and start a family that very same minute. 🙂

  3. Those are the best and sweetest days to be a parent. I think you are right – he will be a good father one day. He already has good character 🙂 You should be a proud mom! (I hate it when people tell me what I should be, but I couldn’t think of how else to put it.)

  4. You can die a happy woman now after that comment!!! WOW!

  5. Awww! You done good. 😉 (Hee hee! I couldn’t resist.) 😀

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