One Hundred And Eighteen Shades of Grey

Do you own one of those handy dandy color wheels? You know, the ones decorators use?

We do.

Don’t ask me why. Neither my husband or I can claim any talent in the decorating department. Although, we do watch a lot of HGTV together.


Have you ever noticed the crazy color names? Forceful Orange. Hyper Blue. Gusto Gold. Heartthrob. Lime Rickey. (Sure, set me up, barkeep!)

Well, after watching a lot of HGTV over the past year or so, my husband has decided to jump on the grey wagon. It seems everyone out there is painting their rooms shades of gray. And no, I don’t think it has anything to do with the popularity of that racy novel, although, I wonder if that racy novelist has been watching as much HGTV as we have.

We grabbed the color wheel and starting ticking through the colors.

Charcoal. Nope. Too dark.

Nuance. Too light.

Solitude. Too lonely.

There were the smart greys: Analytical Gray, Intuitive, Worldly Grey, Imagine, Balanced Gray. Even Intellectual Grey.

There were the dull grays: Mild Grey, Polite Gray, Reticence, Useful Grey, Proper Gray, Essential. And Modest Grey.

“What about Passive Gray?” my husband asked, holding the color swatch to the wall.

“Hmmmm. I don’t know. What do you think?” I replied.


“Eh,” I shrugged.

“What about Ponder?”

“I’ll have to think about that one,” I said.

“Agreeable Gray?”

“Of course!” I chimed.

Finally, he gets it and we’re in a fit of giggles.

After one hundred and eighteen shades of grey, which color did we finally go with?

Hinting Blue.

Guess we’re not as trendy as we thought we were.

(To accommodate my outside America readers, I’ve evenly distributed equal spellings of grey and gray. Interesting note: “In the U.K., grey appears about twenty times for every instance of gray. In the U.S. the ratio is reversed.” I have to admit. After writing this post, both spellings look wrong to me now.)




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12 responses to “One Hundred And Eighteen Shades of Grey

  1. Who wants a passive or aloof room? And forget reticence and proper, too. Those names are hilarious! My favorite in our house is the light blue in M.’s room: Blustery Day.

  2. I’ve always found “grey” to look better than “gray”. Must be a Canadian thing.
    Grey is so modern. The names of grey are just perfect… of course, it does nothing to actually describe them.
    Our whole house is the builder-grade taupe. Hate it. Scared to change. I wonder what color describes that?

    • You sound like us. We still have our builder-grade taupe in about 80% of the house. And the kitchen? We’ve hated our color choices each time. This will be the third time we’ve painted it in 4 years. Hopefully, this will be the charm that three promises.

  3. I guess this is a real job classification: People who name the paint colors/colours for a living. I still have splotches of “Believable Buff” on my hands.
    There is a very funny novel about this called “Serendipity Green” by Rob Levandoski that I think you can still get on Amazon. (I have no connection to the book or author, although I did once live in the town that he uses for the setting.)

  4. Here in the UK we never spell it gray, always grey. I’ve noticed that grey is a very in colour now. I like it with silver and black.

  5. I am in the process of focusing on a room at a time trying to paint and take the wall paper down in the bathrooms! I seem to moving towards the color of khaki-

    Hope all is well.


  6. Three thoughts all at once:
    1. Pssht. Why would you want to be trendy when you’re so cool?
    2. I always wanted one of those color wheels. I’m not sure why.
    3. It’s like nail polish names!

  7. One hundred and eighteen shades of grey sounds like a very nasty, complicated moral dilemma! 😉

  8. My son’s room is painted dill pickle. 🙂

  9. Sorry – Dill Pickle.

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