Spending Wordless Wednesday At The Atlanta Botanical Gardens





photo (3)




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9 responses to “Spending Wordless Wednesday At The Atlanta Botanical Gardens

  1. These are fun and stunning. Thanks for sharing, Jane.

  2. Love the photos. Wish we were close to go but I did pass it along to family down there. Happy “Rest of the Summer”!

  3. How original and creative … I have never seen anything like them. What a great place.

  4. Always wanted to go there when I was down south. Never made the time. Guess I should! Love that last one.

  5. Oh, very cool! I’m always looking for new things to do in Atlanta since we’re there a few times a year. Usually the words “botanical garden” make me yawn, but this looks fun. Thanks!

  6. Wow they are amazing. How creative. And I thought I was doing well with my little flower pots!

  7. Very cool pictures. The fish are amazing. Looks like a FUN place to visit.

  8. Janel

    Oh my gosh I love the plant faces! I want those at my house now! I mean, seriously, how much fun would it be to go outside in your backyard and see that every morning. I’m totally doing it. Though very likely not with that much success. 🙂

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