It’s Official. Jane Is A Twit.

Hell must have frozen over.

I’ve joined the Twitter bandwagon.

And too late, according to my daughter. Because now, all the rage is Instragram and Snapchat and

Nonetheless, I’m officially a Twit. (Give me a few minutes to catch my breath.)

Watching the Colbert Report the other night, I am reminded that even the Pope is on Twitter. The Pope!  Oh sure, I knew about Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy announcing their separation via Twitter or the Chris Brown/Jenny Johnson Twitter battle. Some of my Facebook friends have Twitter accounts. And of course, the younger set is all about the tweet.

But the Pope?

I had to see what’s it all about. (Cue Beastie Boys – Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!)

So, here I sit, 2 hours later. An account has been created. I scrolled though the suggestions and followed a few people. I muddled through the WordPress instructions to add a scroll to my sidebar. I’d love to just have a tweet button but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I’m not sure ALL of you should be subjected to my errant tweets. But it is what it is. A work in progress. Kinda like me.

What You Will Learn About Me Should You Choose To Follow

1. My name is not really Jane. It’s Maureen. And my grandmother called me Reenie. So, my handle (does that make me sound like a trucker?) is @reeniejane. Because the combinations of Maureen and Jane were all taken.

2. I’m not very prolific. With witty comments, anyway.  That I’ll remember. And think to Tweet. Oh, a gem may escape my lips a couple times a day but heck if I’ll be able to remember it long enough to unlock my phone, click on Twitter and type it all in with my fat, chubby phalanges. But fingers (you say phalanges, I say fingers) crossed. We all need goals in life.

3. I’m a follower. I hear or read something that someone else has said and I’ll crack up or nod vigorously and then say, “Wish I had thought of that first.” It’s a curse.

4. I’m about two steps above a luddite. I didn’t used to be. During my teaching days I led a statewide seminar on how to use laptops in the classroom. But that was over 10 years ago. My, the times they are a-changin’. I’m so far behind I fear I’ll never catch up.

So, I’m a late-Tweeter. I own my title of Twit proudly. It’s the only title that fits after waiting this long.

Gonna try this thing out and see where it takes me.


Like I need something else on my plate now.

What was I thinking?

And why does anyone else care what I think?


Who knew the responsibilities of being a Twit would be such a burden.

And this Twit is only 3 hours old.

(All advice, tips, tricks and suggestions are welcome.) 


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7 responses to “It’s Official. Jane Is A Twit.

  1. Jane, Welcome to Twitter! This post had me laughing out loud. It’s never too late. Follow me @beingrudri

  2. I’m so old. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. I find it hard enough to write a post on my blog at the moment! Good luck!

  3. Welcome to Twitter! I am hopeless at it and rarely on it, but I’ll follow you! @thekitchwitch

  4. OMG … you are not going to believe this … I did not believe it when I read your post because you are the first one I know that is just like me.
    My name is also Maureen and I lived with being called Reenie all my life because my cousin called me that when I was a baby. I am also a teacher … but I am not a twit. Now, if I become a twit it would feel would like I was just trying to be like you and I like all the coincidences better 🙂
    (how is that for a lame no twit excuse?)

  5. I thought I was really doing something daring with I joined Facebook. It’s been how I kept up with my kids and grandkids. Now my youngest daughter says she posts all of her stuff on something I’ve never heard of. sigh. I don’t think I’m ready.

    I’m tittering at your twittering.

  6. I haven’t gone there. Yet. Have thought about it for about one tweet’s worth of time. Then figured I didn’t want to learn another new thing. Heck I can’t even figure out the new thermostat. Why can’t things stay the same?

  7. Being on Twitter reminded me that I’m not as clever as I thought I was. But it’s a good place to say things you shouldn’t on Facebook. 🙂

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