Describe My Sex Life With A Movie Title? Why Stop There?

My Life In Movie Titles


My childhood – Alice in Wonderland

Adolescence – Clueless

My teaching days – Dances With Wolves

My single days – Pitch Perfect (but I didn’t realize it then)

My sex life – Beauty and the Beast

The past two years – One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest or Psycho (take your pick)

Yesterday – The Lost Weekend

Today – Any Which Way You Can

Tomorrow – Hope Springs (because it has to)

My kids – The Incredibles

My husband – Braveheart

My readers, especially the faithful “commenters” – A League Of Their Own (you are all so very, very amazing!)


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5 responses to “Describe My Sex Life With A Movie Title? Why Stop There?

  1. Ha ha, what a clever idea! I’d have to do it with song titles instead I think.

  2. Clueless is perfect for teenage years!

  3. That was hilarious and cute. And I second TKW. Weren’t we all Clueless as teenagers? And young adults. And parents. And- wait, maybe that’s just me.

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