Kindness Update. A Little Late.

Kindness Update #2: I have to admit. Week two was much harder. Much harder. I don’t know if it was my schedule, my state of mind (it was a rough week) or a lack of creativity but I struggled to push above and beyond. I’ve determined that I’m a pretty kind person already. It’s this “going out of my way” part that’s hard.

But it IS called the 21-Day Kindness Challenge.

Day 8 – I’m in a letter writing mood. Wrote my grandmother’s dear friend a newsy letter. My grandmother died 13 years ago. She always remembered birthdays with at least a card. I didn’t want my grandmother’s friend to have one less card on her birthday after Grandma died, so I started sending her cards. But I always kick myself that I only contact her once (or twice with a Christmas card) a year. Finally sent her a note just because.

Day 9 – My husband has been amazing with all I’ve been  going through. And he has a weakness for cookies, his only “sweet weakness.” (Well, that and chocolate.) I baked him his favorites and set aside a batch just for him. I admit. I didn’t really go much out of my way to do this. But it’s going to have to count for today.

Day 10 – Gave another insanely generous tip to our waitress. We tried to get out before she saw, but it didn’t work. She was SO appreciative. Smiled a huge smile and mouthed “Thank you!” across the restaurant. With all these insanely generous tips I’ve been doing with this project, I’m realizing we eat out way too much.

Day 11 – Gave double at the church collection basket. I’m tellin’ ya’. Getting creative with this is getting harder and harder.

Day 12 –  Paid for the coffee for the car behind me in the Starbucks drive-thru. Boring? Yes. But it’s an easy kindness act that I’ve done a hundred times before and it still felt good to do.

Day 13 – I like to take my groceries to the car myself, thank you very much. I want to avoid the inane small talk and the chance that my bread will get squished by the Cascade bottle. I know part of why they always offer is so they can bring the carts back in without them piling up in the parking lot. As I was pushing my cart (alone) to my car it started to sprinkle. So, I brought my cart back to the store. All the way inside the store. And then, since I was wet already, I brought ALL the carts back inside the store. Eighteen carts and five trips later, I got a few weird stares. But it felt good to break out of the non-creative kindness challenge rut.

Day 14 – Helping out at my children’s school (which I do once a week – so that in itself doesn’t count) I made it a point to thank each and every non-teacher I came across. The lady who checks parents in. The many lunchroom ladies of various capacities. The janitor. The people that help the kids in and out of cars in the car-rider line. Not just a quick “Thanks!” but a few sentences about how much I appreciate what they do. Glad I got there early. Took a bit more time than I’d planned.

So, there you have it. Week two. A struggle but worth it. Hope this inspires you in your own Kindness Challenge. Feel free to comment or link below. I’m struggling and need to steal a few ideas!


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3 responses to “Kindness Update. A Little Late.

  1. I always turn down cart help, too. I’m fully able to unload my own stuff, ya know? But the thing that kills me is the lazy slobs who leave their carts TWO feet away from the cart dropoff. Come on!

  2. You forgot to mention your kind comment on my blog when I asked for your views on adoption. That was very kind and meant a great deal to me. Thanks.

  3. Check you out!
    While you write off some of them as not a big deal, I bet the acts were very appreciated by the recipients.

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