And Now We Know The Spammers Are Feelin’ Pretty Good About Themselves



I get a big kick out of the spam we receive on our blogs. Especially the ones that mangle the English language. At least, worse than I do.

Weblogs. Foreign writing. Advertisements. Lower case “i” for “I.” Dropping prepositions. Adding prepositions. Embedded links every 7 words.

But today, on World Mental Health Day, I received this:

“Superior Morning, I just stopped in to visit your site and thought I’d say I liked myself.”

How appropriate!

May you all have a wonderful World Mental Health Day and may you like yourself as much as my new favorite spammer!

Have A Superior Day!



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5 responses to “And Now We Know The Spammers Are Feelin’ Pretty Good About Themselves

  1. Steven Harris

    I liked myself too. Superior indeed 😉

  2. I am to be having a glorious encounter herein! It is as if you are my brother, who despite being incarcerated in cheese, has always read to mind clearer than I myself.
    Truly, the liking is upon us all of me, and to you thanks, for I surely to return here!

    (Or am I the only one who gets spam like that?)

  3. My best spam this week: “Awesome things here. I am very happy to peer your post.” … and, the rest of the words will remain unpublished here (it was from an “enhancement” company)

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