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Awwww, Google! You Remembered!

I clicked on Google to google something, of course. I’m an old Googler from way back. One of my favorite pastimes. My kids say my epitaph is going to read, “Let’s Google it!”

But I digress….

So, I click on Google and what do I see?



So cute! Cakes and cupcakes. Sparklers and candles. I just adore the Google pictures each day. It’s my second favorite pastime, besides actual Googling, of course. I hover over the picture and discover something new and an hour is lost learning about C. V. Raman or Maria Callas or the invention of soap. (Here I go. Digressing again. Must be my age. Wink, wink.)

Today, I see the cakes and the candle and wonder, “Who else shares my birthday today?”

I hover the mouse over the picture and low and behold it says:

Happy Birthday, Jane!

My heart skips a beat. Google remembered!

I’m so touched. And honored. And awestruck.

And then, I realize (fairly quickly, because I’m not that egocentric) that the image will only be seen by me.

But that’s okay.

Google remembered my birthday.

That’s enough for me.


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A Very Merry Un-Birthday To YOU! And You! And You!


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No Gift For My Birthday? Don’t Worry. I’ve Got The Perfect Idea!

Guess what?

It’s my birthday!

No. Really. It is. Today. My birthday.

Awww, don’t feel bad that you didn’t get me anything. I just sprung it on you – I gave you no time to shop. But you can make it up to me. I have an idea for a really awesome gift for yours truly. Hang on until the end of this post and I’ll let you know what it is.

You have to suffer through this little story first…

I was at the grocery store. Again. My cupboard is bare. (Little old Mother Hubbard that I am.) I have participated in 3 (count ’em, 1-2-3) canned good drives already and it’s only the first of December. So, I was at the grocery store buying “spare” canned goods for the drive this weekend. And I pulled up to a stoplight.

A man is standing there with a cardboard sign, “Stranded. Need Help!”

A woman a few cars up, rolls down her window and hands him a small wad of cash. He takes it. Nods his thanks. I’m sitting in my car with bags of canned goods. I can’t hand him a can. (I’m guessing he doesn’t have a can-opener on him) And I can’t hand him cash.

Well, I could. But I’m a Give-A-Man-A-Fish-He-Eats-For-A-Day-But-Teach-A-Man-To-Fish-He Eats-For-A-Lifetime kind of girl.

And I’m on my way to Starbucks, right across the street. (Spoiled little suburbanite – that’s me!) So, I’ll get him a coffee. It’s cold, wet and rainy. A cup of coffee will warm him up a bit.

I’m waiting in line. And it’s a scene straight out of “Animal House.”

Angel Jane: A cup of coffee? Don’t be such a cheap skate. Get him some food!

Devil Jane: Food? What he really wants is cash to support his meth habit. Put your money away.

Angel Jane: But what if he really needs help?

Devil Jane: There are two churches right down the street. Goodwill around the corner. And a whole host of other charitable organizations just itching to help someone this time of year. AND – you’ve already donated to a bunch of them already. If he needs help, it’s easy to find.

Angel Jane: A little food. What’s the harm in that? Now…how about the protein plate? Apples, cheese, hardboiled egg and grapes. It’s only $4.75!

Devil Jane: A protein plate? Are you kidding? He wants another beer I’m tellin’ ya. Now put your money away!

(I put my $10 back in my wallet and pull out a $20)

Angel Jane: She’s right. A protein plate is silly. And the Turkey/Swiss sandwich is only $5.95. Get that. It’s more filling.

Devil Jane:  He wants cash. For drugs. Put that money back in your wallet!

This goes on for quite a while. The drive-thru line is long. And I’m honestly pulling out a $10, putting it back in my wallet and then pulling out a $20, putting that back and pulling out the $10 again. On and on it goes.

Finally, it’s my turn. I hand the cashier my $20. (Angel Jane won!)

“The woman ahead of you paid for your drink,” the barista says to me, “She wanted me to wish you a Merry Christmas!”

Someone pulled a Random Act of Kindness on Jane! Me! Lil’ ol’ me! Three days before my birthday! Woo-hoo!

“Then I’m really supposed to do this,” I say to the cashier. “Can I please have a turkey sandwich, as well?”

I pay for the sandwich. (Still so stunned that someone bought me a coffee that I don’t think to pay for the car behind me until I’m driving away. Doh!)

And as I’m waiting at the light to cross the intersection I see the police car picking him up. Apparently, stranded beggars are not allowed on this street corner.

So, I tried. And after that whole exchange between Angel me and Devil me I’ve decided Angel me should win. With a sandwich, at least. I will still not hand out cash but what’s the harm in handing someone a sandwich?

And did I tell you it’s my birthday?

Can you guess what I want for my birthday?

(Ah. You know me so well!)

Yes. I’d like all of you to spread a random acts over the weekend. Yes you, Angel Joe, Angel Wendy, Angel Shannon, Angel Elastamom and Angel Steven! No hiding Angel subwow, Angel Lisa, Angel Mel, Angel Jeanne, Angel Rudrip and Angel Gale. C’mon Angels Kenzie and Katybeth and Kristen and Carol. Calling Angel Thoughtsappear, Angel Aiden, Angel Teachergirl, Angel Lynn, Angel Beary, Angel Lies. And even two of my favorite, lovable (and self-proclaimed) curmudgeons Angel Shout and Angel Kitch. No ducking out on this one! (Boy. Aren’t you all sorry you welcomed me back? 😉 )

ALL of you Angel Jane readers out there – c’mon. It’ll be fun! A little joy for a stranger. It doesn’t have to be a cup of (overpriced) coffee. It could be a sandwich. Or loading their groceries while they buckle their kids in the car. Or purchasing a little poinsettia plant and leaving it anonymously on your elderly neighbor’s doorstep. You could make cookies for your local firefighters. Pay the toll for the person behind you or put quarters in the parking meter. Bring some books you’ve already read to a nursing home. Or one of your brilliant ideas. Any charitable act will do!

That’s all I want for my birthday. Because you all know how much I love a little Random Act of Kindess. Nothin’ big. Nothin’ fancy. But something that is sure to put you into the holiday spirit, too!


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Chocolate Cake + Chocolate Ice Cream = One Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sweet Little Boy!


Oops! Forgot to make a wish!


Oh no! Sugar rush chocolate high!


Guess we’ll just have to dance it off!



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A Very Merry Unbirthday To YOU!

After reading some of the comments to my self-indulgent post last week celebrating MY birthday I started to feel a little sad. I realized there are many people out there that don’t share my wide-eyed, Pollyanna approach to birthdays. But why not? We should all have people in our lives that celebrate our very existence. And especially around the anniversary of the day we stepped onto this wonderful planet. If we don’t have people in our lives that do this – then we should do it ourselves!

Call me self-indulgent. Call me self-centered. Call me crazy. Call me Jane. (Ah, I just made myself giggle. I crack myself up!) The day we took our first breath on this beautiful place we call Earth was a miraculous day, indeed. For each and every one of us. You owe it to yourself and your friends and family to live it up! Stretch out the celebration as long as you can. For yourself and for those you love. If you have 52 immediate  family members then you get to celebrate all year long! How cool is that?

Turning 30, for me, was a piece of cake. Turning 40, not so bad either. But when I turned 41, I was a little blue. But then I remembered, I’ve earned every single wrinkle, every gray hair, every single jiggle. Badges of honor I like to call them. And the wisdom I’ve gained – immeasurable. Oh sure, I have things I wish I’d done differently. But no regrets. If I had done things differently I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Celebrating our lives, every day, is a good thing. Pulling out all the stops around our birthday is a great thing. Frankly, I’ve always felt sorry for those of certain faiths (not naming any names and please save your comments preaching to me – I’ll just plug my ears and sing La, la, la, la, la, la) that don’t celebrate birthdays. Marking the day that you made it in one piece (hopefully) all the way around the sun – again! – is such a fabulous miracle. A gift. It doesn’t happen for everyone – really, just open the obituary page in your newspaper. Young. Old. People die every year. I didn’t, this time around. I’m here again for my children, my husband, my family, my friends. And that’s a fantabulous, spectacuwonderfully, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious thing.

So, today I’m giving you permission to celebrate YOU. And you, and you and even YOU! Let’s all have a very, merry un-birthday celebration today. And if it really is your birthday today, well – Happy Birthday! You couldn’t have chosen a more wonderful day to be born!


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Tunes for Tuesday – Old

One of my favorite recent songs by Paul Simon is “Old” off of the “You’re the One” cd. It makes me giggle. It puts my age into perspective. And every year I wear out that track on my iPod during this week. It’s my birthday week! My husband calls it “Jane-a-kuh” because it lasts for at least a week. We kicked it off this past weekend going to a Christmas Tree farm to pick out our tree. The kids and I decorated it on Sunday listening to Christmas carols. On Monday I received my first card in the mail and this morning a friend called to set up a birthday lunch date. Such fun already and it’s only Tuesday!

One thing my parents did right was our birthdays. No chores on your birthday. You chose the dinner. You chose the activity to do as a family. It was all about YOU! People would ask me if I felt cheated because my birthday fell in the Christmas month. Nope. The friends and relatives that I saw at Thanksgiving, that I wasn’t going to see at Christmas, would start their birthday good wishes then. My birthday would arrive and we would celebrate. And then there are always people who are late (God love ’em!) or who wouldn’t see me until Christmas, so good wishes would continue until the December holidays. Before you knew it, I was celebrating for an entire month. Who wouldn’t love that?

Then I became an adult. Fewer gifts. Less of a desire for parties. And at certain milestones, not so excited to recognize yet another year on this planet. This year I turn 40-something plus one. (Oh, my heart just skipped a beat. Yikes!) It’s hard getting older. Physically. Mentally accepting the new age. Or not accepting it, as the case may be.

Last Christmas, when my in-laws came to visit, they brought some things from the house they thought we might like. They were cleaning out their attic. “We’re only going to be around for about 10 more years,” my mother-in-law said. 10 more years? Whoa! I can’t think that way. I refuse to count down the number of years I may have left. But then I did it. And I doubled my age and if I’m anything like my grandparents I’ve just passed the top of the hill on my way downhill. Oh. My. God. Seriously? I truly am middle-aged. When did THAT happen?

Old – Paul Simon

“The first time I heard “Peggy Sue”
I was 12 years old
Russians up in rocket ships
And the war was cold
Now many wars have come and gone
Genocide still goes on
Buddy Holly still goes on
But his catalog was sold” – This is a bit before my time. But when I look back so much has happened in my short lifetime. First Man on the Moon.Vietnam. The Beatles. I’ll just insert those historical references.

“First time I smoked
Guess what – paranoid
First time I heard “Satisfaction”
I was young and unemployed
Down the decades every year
Summer leaves and my birthday’s here
And all my friends stand up and cheer
And say man you’re old
Getting old
Getting old” – When I turned 25 my grandmother said to me, “Do you realize you’ve been alive a quarter of a century?” Whoa. When I realized that, I was a little depressed. A quarter of a century seemed sooooo old. I laugh now. To be 25 again? Where do I sign up?

“We celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day
And Buddha found nirvana along the lotus way
About 1,500 years ago the messenger Mohammed spoke
And his wisdom like a river flowed
Through hills of gold
Wisdom is old
The koran is old
The bible is old
Greatest story ever told” – Jesus, Mohammed alive over 1500 years ago. And we’re still talking about them. Their presence is still felt so very many years later. That kind of impact is amazing – and old.

“The human race has walked the earth for 2.7 million
And we estimate the universe at 13-14 billion
When all these numbers tumble into your imagination
Consider that the Lord was there before creation
God is old
We’re not old
God is old
He made the mold” – That line always makes me giggle, “He made the mold.” He certainly did. And in 2.7 million years my existence here is a mere blip on the radar. I don’t even know if I rate a whole blip. I’m not really all that old after all, am I?

Click here to listen to this fun song. I tried and tried to find  a video of it or a way to showcase the song itself on this page but to no avail. It’s only 2:20 minutes long and it’s free (as long as you haven’t used up your 24 other free “listens” at this site). So, in honor of Jane-a-kuh – take a little music break. It’s on me!


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