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The Life Expectancy of a Blog Or The Phases of Jane’s Blog And Are You Rid Of Her Yet?

I tried and tried to find some good, hard data out there about the average life expectancy of a blog. I found guesses. I found loosely based fact. I found a lot of dead blogs.  But nothing definitive.

My very un-scientific conclusion is that many more blogs than you can imagine are dead within the first few months. The others kick the bucket at about 2 years.

The rest of us?

We’re hanging by a thread, baby!

I began this blog as an experiment. I had an idea for another blog (which I’m still toying with) but I wanted to see how this all worked. I wanted to get my feet wet, test the waters and then dive in.

I’ve been fully submerged for about a year now and the water is great! I don’t want to get out. The water is just fine.

But many don’t see it that way. 

In my year as a blogger I have deleted about a dozen favorites from my list because they no longer post. Lately, I have been surprised at how many of my favorite stops are: taking a break, re-thinking their blog, posting about their blog dissatisfaction, or taking an unexplained hiatus.

The ebb and flow of a blog. It would make an interesting study. And it got me thinking. How have I been riding this wave?

Phase I

In my first few months I gave myself a goal of posting six posts a week, Monday through Saturday. Some long. Some short. But new material was posted every day but Sunday.

At first this was very do-able. Hardly anyone was reading me. I was having a blast reading all of you. But then, I started to gain a true readership. Reading all of your posts and commenting in turn became difficult. I was able to keep up this pace for about 6 months. Then, something had to give.

Enter Phase II

So I wheedled it down to 5 posts a week. Monday through Friday. That left me the weekends to play catch-up and craft other posts. Phase II was short-lived, lasting about 2 months. I still couldn’t keep up. And I was realizing, the more readers I gained – the more reading I did. The more reading and commenting I did – the less living I was doing.

Blogging was becoming all important. When does the blogging stop and the living begin?

That’s a great question…When would I live, so that I could gather the material necessary to write? What about taking the kids to the pool or baking with my little Chopped Champions? Or my yoga? Or shopping trips with my daughter? Would my kids ever eat a home-cooked meal again? When would I make beds and scrub toilets?  And what about the dog puke, runny noses and sticky kitchen floor? (Wait a second. That’s my life? I might need to re-think this.)

Phase III

I am now in Phase III. I post Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. (I kind of like how that looks on my calendar, too, with a little line down the middle of un-highlighted Wednesdays. But, I’m weird that way.) On Wednesday and the weekends, I play catch up. Or not. I try to read all of you, but that’s impossible, too. I comment when I have something to contribute. I don’t pressure myself to fill up space on your blogs anymore. I’m finding a balance. My balance. And it feels so much better.

Phase IV and Beyond!

I have no plans of stopping. I enjoy this medium much too much. (Just ask my husband!) I love writing. I love crafting posts. I love reading. I love conversation and new ideas.

But most of all, I love all of you! My world is so much brighter, bigger and brilliant because I have met all of you. And for that, I am so very, very thankful!

Thank you, dear readers, for embracing me and enjoying what I write. Thank you for peeking in to see what I have to say. Thank you for your comments here and posts there, showing me new and different ways to see things.

Happy Anniversary to me! And to you, too! May we celebrate many more together!!!


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My Blog Is Shrinking My Clothes!

I did it again.

I threw a load of laundry into the dryer. I thought, just a few minutes. I’ll run upstairs, finish up that post that suffered through the typical dog barf-xbox argument-and-can-I-borrow-the-car interruptions. Should only take a couple of minutes and then I’ll run back downstairs, pull out my blouse, 3 t-shirts, jeans, 2 skirts and a pair of capris so they can finish drying on a hanger.


Didn’t happen.


What happened is… I finished the post, looked in on a few of you, discovered a new one of you, commented, read, trolled and strolled through other blogs out there, lost track of time and now this.

Oh, if only.

More like this.

 Every time it happens I vow that it will never happen again. I will set the timer on the microwave. I will really and truly run upstairs for just one minute. I WILL remember to take my clothes out while they’re still damp.

But my blog just sucks me in. Or YOUR blog sucks me in and I can’t break away.

I’m trapped between amazing, beautiful, comical words, genius ideas and a hard place. No. A tight place. Right around the waistline or neckline or sleeve. Two inches shorter than an hour ago.

Shrink. Shrank. Shrunk.

At least I can stop blaming that bowl of ice cream I had last night.

Oh, you wonderful bloggers out there. I’m doomed.


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Dust Bunnies Take Blogger’s Family Hostage – News at 11!

Please help!

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and I need some advice. My family’s nutrition is suffering and the dust bunnies are multiplying at an alarming rate.


My name is Jane.

And I’m a blogaholic.

I’ve been blogging for almost 6 months now and I can’t stop. I can’t stop reading blogs. I can’t stop writing posts. I can’t stop commenting. I now lie to cover up my addiction. “Mommy’s working. Just pull up your pants. Daddy can wipe you when he gets home.”

It all started with that silly movie, Julie & Julia. I love Meryl Streep. I love Amy Adams. I love to cook. What’s not to love? So, despite the movie reviews, I loved the movie. I checked out the blog. Hmmmmm….

No offense, Julie Powell, but I wasn’t blown away. And neither was the real Julia Childs.  When asked about her opinion of the blog she said, “She just doesn’t seem very serious, does she?”  While I was reading the blog it seemed as if book/movie deal was ALWAYS on Julie Powell’s mind, more so than the actual cooking. It was entertaining, sure. But I wondered what spark ignited such an entertaining movie. And I realized it was the creative genius of Nora Ephron. She realized a captivating story within the premise, the idea of the blog.

Now, to Julie Powell’s credit she was one of the first paid-for-movie-rights bloggers. A pioneer in the money-making business of blogs. Who knew?

I realize blogs had been around for almost a decade before I finally discovered them. Wait. Scratch that. I knew blogs existed. I followed more “professional” blogs. What I didn’t know was that simple, insignificant, lil’  ‘ol me could actually create one. For fun. If Julie Powell could do it, surely I could do it. I wanted to check it out.

And so Theycallmejane’s Blog was born. (cue fanciful music, shining light from the heavens and angels singing in the wings)

I wrote for myself. I checked out other bloggers like me. I commented. They commented here. I read some more. I wrote some more. I commented some more.  I found myself on some of your blog rolls. I figured out how to have my own blogroll. I received my first award. I gave out my first award. And then more and more of you found your way here. So I wrote faster. I read faster. I commented faster. And you still kept coming back for more.

A tiny little snowflake of an idea was growing into an avalanche inducing snowball. I would spend hours at the keyboard. I remember one day (and this is the honest to God truth) I dropped the kids at school, ran through the drive-thru at Starbucks for my beloved Caramel Macchiato, came home, sat down at the computer, typed and read to my heart’s content and suddenly I was feeling a little light headed. I felt faint, nauseated, dizzy. I looked at the clock. I had been sitting at the computer for a full four hours with nothing but a sugary coffee drink to sustain me since the dinner I ate almost 18 hours before.

I’ve been known to check the length of a movie (choosing the longest one) before popping it into the DVD player (just did it). When someone calls and asks if they caught me in the middle of something I’ll say, “Oh, I was just folding the laundry. What’s up?” I’ll race around the house 15 minutes before my husband gets home, pile all the clutter into a laundry basket and before I actually pull out what’s for dinner I start sauteing onions (Makes your house smell like you’ve been cooking all day long. It works! Trust me on this one.)

I mean it. I’m pathetic.

How do you all do it? When do you find the time? How much time do you spend at it? Is your family suffering? How do you decide who gets on your blogroll? How many blogs do you really read daily? Do you feel pressure to comment? What about responding to comments? Every comment or just some of the comments? Do you have dust bunnies the size of the Mall Easter bunny wallowing in dark corners? Do your butt cheeks hurt from sitting on that hard chair for hours at a time? Do you Google search for 5 minute meals to serve your family?

I’m not kidding.

I need help.

Serious help.


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Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Part III

About three months ago I started a series (well, it’s NOW a series since we’re into part III) of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” posts. I described the Blog World which I reside in a few hours a day as a wonderful new neighborhood where I get to pick and choose my neighbors. And then more neighbors moved in. I’ve had this post sitting in my draft queue for some time, hesitating to hit publish.  Because, in the mean time, someone else used the same title for a wonderful meme introducing us to new blogs. A great idea. And I didn’t want to step on toes. Or have any confusion.

So this post has been sitting, gathering dust in my queue because I was trying to think of another name or another way to re-introduce what I started in early November. But I can’t. Or I won’t. (I can’t decide.) We both borrowed from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. And I like it. And since we’re both piggy backing off of Mr. Roger’s success I’ve decided to keep the name. Just please don’t confuse it with the fun new meme of the same name that appears on Fridays. And to help avoid confusion – I’ll never post this thread on a Friday. Ok? Ok.

Some new neighbors have moved in and I want you to meet them!

Angelcel at AC’sScrapbook – Sparkling conversation is what drew me in while walking my dog to the park. She invited me to sit on her porch and we talked for hours. She shared with me her love of photography, music, cooking, the list went on and on. The pictures in her “home” are beautiful. She captures moments in amazing ways. Her porch is so welcoming and is decorated with her own creations. The wicker chairs outfitted with comfy pillows. The side table always has a fresh pitcher of tea. And I always meet a new and interesting neighbor while I’m there.

ck at Bad Mommy Moments – I love her “motto” – She “celebrates the days of motherhood that SUCK. Because it’s often after our worst moments that we realize just how lucky we really are.” Well said, ck. Rising from the ashes – that’s how I feel most days. I met ck at the playground and immediately was drawn to her. Her sense of humor, her view on life – how she is always able to see the rainbow at the end of the storm. And an amazing story-teller. I get lost in them, nodding with mouth agape. On my bad days, she helps me to see that I’m not alone. On my good days, she helps me to appreciate all that I have that much more. Thank goodness she’s only a few blocks away.

Aidan at Ivy League Insecurities – I believe I met Aidan at a social event here in the neighborhood. She was interesting, kind, articulate and whimsically philosophical. I loved what she had to say and I had to hear more. So we met for coffee one afternoon and became friends. She takes a simple, pure event and turns it into a compelling, delightful inquiry. She invites discussion. Her dining room table turns into a round-table with all of us laughing, crying, sharing and most of all, enjoying each other’s company.

Unabridged Girl – Wise beyond her years she is a lovely young woman. I probably met her at book club. She is a lover of books, words, conversation and life. Her home is filled with books, diet coke (I bring my own Classic Coke), and fun friends. We all poke fun, playfully argue and always agree that visits with her are never dull. She is curious and refreshing. She shakes the cobwebs off my 40-some-yr-old mind.

There you have it. More wonderful new neighbors to meet, if you haven’t met them already. Make sure you tell them I said hello!


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Tag! You’re It!

My goodness, I haven’t played this game since I was in grade school – back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. But Faemom tagged me and (rule follower that I am) I just have to play. Plus, it seemed like a fun game to play for a Saturday post. So c’mon! Let’s play tag!

First, I have to name seven things you don’t already know about me.

Second, I have to tag seven other blogs to play along (and that you should all visit, of course!)

First things first….

7. If I was a boy my dad wanted to name me Robert John so that he could call me Bo-Jo. I wish I were kidding. But I’m not.

6. I developed a food aversion to spinach when I was pregnant. It was one of my absolute favorite vegetables and 6 years later I STILL can’t eat it. I can barely type the word without getting all queasy.

5. I was terrible at tag as a kid. I was so afraid of “failing” (you know, never being able to actually catch someone) that I’d pretend I was just not interested, that the blades of grass and clovers were calling me to observe them. I like this game, however, because you don’t even know I’m sneaking up on you and tagging you. Plus, I get to sit down while doing it.

4. I bought my first car for $400. The passenger side had little half-dollar size holes on the floor so if you lifted up the floor mats you could see the asphalt racing by. I named it The Flintstone Mobile.

3. I didn’t have boobs until I got pregnant. I was a mildly flat chested teen/adult. I’m not kidding. My sister and I used to joke about what to fill our bras with each morning when we got dressed. Then I got pregnant. And nursed. Yep, God gave me boobs and then He let me keep ’em. Just a little present for suffering through 15 years of infertility, I like to think. Of course, he let me keep an extra 15 pounds of baby weight, too.

2. My blood pressure always rises whenever I hear a baby or child crying in public. I look around worried. I follow the sound to make sure someone is taking care of the situation. I absolutely cannot rest until the crying ends. It drives my husband crazy.

1. I spent the summer in Germany when I was 15. My friend and I went to a store to buy the German “Playgirl” magazine equivalent. When we went to pay for it the clerk asked us if we were sure this was the magazine we wanted to buy. Of course it was, my friend said, and we rolled our eyes at her prudishness. When we got back home we started pouring through the magazine, agog at all the naked men. But something was a little off. We couldn’t quite figure it out. Then we turned the page and one picture said it all. This wasn’t a “Playgirl” equivalent. It was a …..well, I don’t even know what the equivalent is…..it was more like a “Playguy.” You know, for homosexuals. Oops.

Ok. Now it’s your turn to play. Either tag someone else or peek in on the tagged! Have fun! And happy Saturday!

7. AC’s Scrapbook

6. Peripheral Perceptions

5. Momisodes

4. Nathan Rising

3. The Water Witch’s Daughter

2. A Nut in a Nutshell

1. Bibliomama


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Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Part II

Remember about a month back when I posted about the wonderful blog neighborhood I’ve created for myself ? Well, I meant to get to this sooner but the hustle and bustle of the holidays got the better of me. I was strolling in my neighborhood the other night, enjoying the lights and decorations you’ve all put up and I wanted to share with you a few more of my wonderful neighbors.

I’ve noticed, while commenting on other blogs, that we DO seem to run in the same circles, in the same neighborhood, if you will. And I just want to say, especially at this time of year, how grateful I am to have you all as neighbors and friends. Thanks for sharing your ideas, opinions and thoughtful posts. Thanks for your interesting, funny and kind comments. Thanks for visiting me, for welcoming me to the neighborhood – I still feel a bit of a newbie. I enjoy our time together and look forward to seeing you whenever we all sign on!

Maureen at Island Roar is the big sister I never had. She’s warm. She’s funny. She has kids just a bit older than mine so I can learn from all of her mis-steps and successes. Her youngest daughter and my oldest would be more than cousins – they’d be great friends and mischief makers. And the fact that they live just around the block from each other would make for some sleepless nights on my part. But Maureen would calm me down, just after gently chewing them out, of course – as only a favorite aunt can do. Holidays would always be brighter with Maureen around!

Faemom lives just down the street. Our boys are around the same age and we have great fun during the playdates. And then she blogs about the same playdate and I crack up because she’s noticed something and re-told it in a way that makes it seem fresh all over again. She’s insightful and wise. She finds humor in the simple, beautiful moments of our lives. Her life is about to get that much richer because she’s expecting and I’m just so excited and happy for her. We’re going to have to have a bloggy baby shower for her!

My dear friend at Burp and Slurp is a young student at the local university. She is a beautiful spirit. I love the stories she tells before sharing her food adventures. She is wise beyond her years. With a love of photography and good food, she shares wonderful recipes using ingredients that help me to stretch my culinary talents. My taste buds love to hear when she’s in town!

Country-Fried Mama is who I visit when I need a dose of reality. And although I’ve been in the south more than half my life now she’s who I turn to when I’m perplexed my some of the eccentricities of this beautiful place I call home. She makes me laugh. She makes me pause. But her love of her family is what I like most about her.

There you have it. Four more neighbors in my favorite neighborhood. I hope you enjoy visiting them as much as I do!


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Commenting on Comments and Thanking Those Who Do

I’m getting quite close to my 100th post. (Oooo, my stomach just did a little flip-flop in anticipation. Yours too?) And many of you out there celebrate your 100th, 500th or 1000th (Joey!) post. But what about those comments? When are they recognized? Where would we be without comments on our musings?

One of the things I did not anticipate enjoying as much as I do about blogging is the comments. Both giving and receiving (wink, wink). There are some days when I sit down at the computer, fully anticipating to write 7 or 8 prolific posts, but instead spend 3 hours reading your blogs and commenting on them. Then I remember why I sat down to the computer in the first place, click ‘new post’ and I got nothin’. Oh sure, I’ve blamed my crazy life but sometimes I have no one to blame but myself. You people are just too interesting. You suck the great ideas right outta me.

But the dialog that comments provide is invaluable.

And I’ve struggled with how to handle comments from day one. First, I was mostly a lurker. Reading your blogs. Skipping along to the next. Sometimes I just had nothing to say, other times I was intimidated by the amazing comments left by others.

After I dipped my toe in and started to comment I took the full plunge and became a comment whore. I’d comment on anything and everything. I’d spend more time commenting than I would creating a new post. It became exhausting. But I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. If they left a comment on my blog, I left a comment on theirs. If they visited my blog and I could see their blog address on my limited stats keeper here on free WordPress, I’d go to their blog and comment. Even with blogs who didn’t know I existed I would pressure myself to leave a comment, any kind of comment, even if I had nothing to say. I imagined they could see (because they had super-high-powered-stats-keepers-that-could-track-me-down-through-tiny-internet-wires) that I had visited and dared not to let them know I had stopped by.

And some of you demand that people comment. (guilt) And some of you ask questions to encourage comments. (more guilt) And some have pictures and quotes and diagrams and recipes and comics and videos and links to other great bloggers and put sooooo much effort into one little post. (even more guilt….hmmmm, I’m a better Catholic than I thought I was.)

So I gave up. I comment when I have something to say. What a revelation that was! My empty comments weren’t getting me anywhere except behind in my writing and making me feel horrible that I was creating vapid, transparent snippets that clutter up your pages.

Which brings me to the comments I receive here…Oops…..That didn’t come out right – it was the timing. Let me try that again…..

I am so thankful for the comments I receive here. Truly! It’s nice to know that I touch people, amuse people or stop and make them re-think. Oh sure, I receive my fair share of spam. Or thinly veiled comments that reek of ‘I’m only commenting because I want you to visit me at my blog.’ But honestly, those are far and few between. I have surrounded myself in Bloggy World (much as I have in the Real World) with wonderful, interesting, thoughtful people. What an amazing extension of my real life this writing has become and I have you all to thank.

Which leads me to……..my 1000th comment! (Party streamers, confetti and cake for all!)

My blog has received its 1000th comment from one of you, dear readers. Will Joe from Meech and Joe please stand up? Let’s give him a hand everyone! Help me to thank him and all of you for commenting here over the past 4 months! I’ve enjoyed hearing from you and commenting on your blogs. Here’s to continuing our conversations together!  

( Unknown Mami has created an interesting meme along this subject, I Comment Therefore I Am. Worth checking out!)


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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Please don’t laugh at my niavete or scorn my belief without basis. (The real word that should be inserted here is prejudice but I just couldn’t bring myself to say it.) We used to live in an historic neighborhood. Some renters. Some restoring old homes to their glamour of yesterday. A mixed neighborhood of  color and money. It’s what we wanted. We’re a mixed race family. We’re educated but chose professions that don’t bring in tons of money. We made the conscious decision to be where we were. And most of the time, we loved our neighborhood. But the school system wasn’t stellar. And my husband’s business was growing. And, frankly, I just didn’t feel safe anymore. I was tired of going to neighborhood watch meetings and talking about the latest gang markings. I was home alone with two infants and my daughter was starting high school – no longer to be homeschooled. We decided we wanted idyllic suburbia with people “just like us.” Ha!

We searched and searched. We thought that by living in a neighborhood where the homes were of a certain worth we’d fit in and feel comfortable with everyone. We looked high. We looked low (but not too low.) The higher we looked the more promising we felt the neighborhood would be. One woman (a neighbor) saw us looking at a home and she came over and introduced herself. She alerted us to another home down the street from her. The husband was being transferred to Singapore. “I want neighbors who are moving to Singapore!” I said to my husband. I felt that if you were willing to move to exotic locales you would be worldly, educated, open-minded and interesting. We looked in another neighborhood where the price point for the homes was wide. The only homes we could afford were in a section called The Commons. “Oh look, Honey,” my husband exclaimed, “We can be commoners!”

Ultimately, we chose a beautiful neighborhood with lots of amenities, homes priced close together so we’d be with like minds (ha! again), sidewalks, front and back porches, neighborhood activities and get-togethers. It’s also closer to a major city and a large Korean population which is what we wanted for our kids. Don’t get me wrong, we love it here. We’ve met some amazing people who are now close friends (Hi K and A!) but some of my neighbors are not what I bargained for. One neighbor gets caught up in gossip and helps to spread it like wildfire on Facebook. One neighbor gives my daughter the creeps with his leering and creepy comments  (don’t worry, we stay away). One neighbor bragged about cheating the bank/government/us by walking away from their mortgage. Another grabs a  few clubs and he and his kid sneak onto the golf course at the 5th hole at dusk without paying. So much for like minds. Another lesson learned.

I’ve called this place where we, the bloggers,  reside as Blog World. And a dear reader commented in a private note to me that I’d make a great neighbor. I thought, this is what I’ve created here for myself – a neighborhood! And I LOVE my neighbors here. And I like it that we all live here together. How cool is it that we get to pick and choose our neighbors? Our neighborhood here can be as homogenized or eclectic as we want it to be. In case you’re wondering, mine is pretty eclectic and I like it that way! I thought I might introduce you to some of my favorite neighbors! I won’t be able to get to all of them today so I’ve decided this is going to be a series of posts, hopefully without end because I seem to meet kind, creative, interesting, and amazing people every day. This neighborhood is as large as I want to make it and we’re all within walking distance of each other. How perfect is that?

Submom at Absence of Alternatives – This is the kind of neighbor when you go next door to borrow a cup of sugar, you start talking and talking so she invites you in. You keep talking. And talking. You finish your conversation. Go home and realize you didn’t get the cup of sugar. So you go back, laugh about the forgotten cup of sugar. It reminds her of this funny story so you start talking again. And talking. You go home and guess what? Yep. But it’s a great excuse to go next door again for more great conversation! When she moved in I found my new best friend!

Steve at The Planet Harris Blog – There is a pond in my neighborhood and he lives across it. (Smiling at my feeble little  joke) As you enter his home to the left is the library. To the right is the dining room but the table is covered with books and a laptop and has been turned into an office. You step into the family room and there are floor to ceiling bookshelves with a handy little ladder on wheels. His wife is baking biscuits. You can smell sweets baking and coffee and tea brewing. They are warm, welcoming people. The couches are comfy and there are always interesting people popping over for good conversation. I like it here!

TKW at The Kitchen Witch – She lives right next door, too. Which is a good thing because when I’m in a pinch and have NO idea what to bring to the neighborhood BBQ – she’s got the recipe. Snowed in with the kids for three days? She’s got the recipe. Husband home sick and whiny and you just want him to shut up  get a good night’s rest? She’s got the recipe. But better than her recipes are the stories behind them. She’s the best kind of neighbor because she doesn’t judge, she laughs at herself and she’d look out for your kids like they’re her own.

I have two neighbors (they live in the bungalows just up the street, downsizing since the kids have moved away) that I go to for advice, Robin at Passions and Soapboxes and Mary Lee at MerrilyMaryLee’s Weblog. They’re wise and they’re hip. They’re sweet and they’re funny. But they’ve been there, done that with child rearing. They’ve lived it and they’re willing to share what works and what doesn’t. And they’re living a life right now that is packed with fun and interesting adventures.

Five houses in my neighborhood. I’ll tell you about more of them another time. But to all of you out there – thanks for living in MY neighborhood. Thank you for allowing me to live in yours. I never realized how attached I would become to my bloggy friends. What started out as a little experiment grew into something I never imagined. I’m glad I live here!

(P.S. Don’t forget about our get together Friday, November 13th. Collect the craziest search terms for your blog and we’ll all share them on Friday. You can write them in the comment section or blog about it – but don’t forget to link/comment here so we can all see them! See you Friday!)


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Increase Your Blog Traffic in Just 16 Key Strokes!

Want more traffic to your blog? I know how to get it. Shhhhh……lean in and I’ll whisper it in your ear. Closer…closer….there. The secret? Mention a celebrity name in your blog.

I auto-posted my post for Saturday – the one with the awards I received and passed along to other bloggers. And in that post I mentioned 7 random facts about myself. When I got  up the next morning I logged on to alert my recipients of their award and visits to my blog were nearly off the charts – for me, anyway.

I was honored. Touched. You DO like me! And then I started brainstorming – people must have loved what I said about the model industry or our perception of the world we live in. That must be it! I am the prolific writer I always strived to be (ok, for the last two months anyway.)

But after further investigation I realized most of my hits were from some celebrity siting website and they were currently discussing a Kiefer Sutherland siting. I mentioned Kiefer (yeah, we’re on a first name basis) in my last post.


I thought I’d made it in Bloggy World. But I’m just a shameless name dropper. The kind you avoid at parties.


Just think of the traffic I would have received had I mentioned Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson or Megan Fox?

People Megan FoxPeople Taylor SwiftBRITAIN Michael Jackson Single

(Oooooo…I’m shameless that way.)


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There’s Plenty of Love to Go Around

A dear blogger over at Classroom Confessions was sweet enough to send some love my way. Cammy thinks I have “fantastic” blog. She awarded me “Kreativ Blogger.” Thanks, Cammy! And Maureen, of IslandRoar, sent me some “Lovely Blog Award” love. Thanks, Maureen! I’m going to share the love with the following…but first…..

Part of the Kreativ Blogger Award I need to share seven random facts about myself.
1. I was a competitive swimmer for 12 years.
2. I am addicted to Coke (a-Cola, that is.)
3. Twenty years ago I had a small part in a major motion picture. I won’t say which one but Kiefer Sutherland is an absolute angel and so was the director. The other main star and a sleazy producer? Not so much. It completely turned me off of show biz and I took another direction with my life and I’m glad I did.
4. My first words were sung to the tune of a Herman’s Hermits song.
5. The first time I sang the Hallelujah Chorus in rehearsal with the Symphony Chorale I was a part of, I cried and couldn’t stop.
6. I visited Disney World the first year it opened and it continues to be my favorite place to vacation, much to my husband’s chagrin.
7. When I was younger I wanted to be the next Judy Blume.


I’d like to share the Kreative Blog Award with…
Robin at Passions and Soapboxes – She give great post and has such a grounded, loving relationship with her family. I’m hoping she’ll adopt me!

The Absence of Alternatives – Is it weird I’m honoring her twice? No! She makes me think and thinking is good. Love her writing style. If you dare….check her out!

Maureen at IslandRoar – No, she’s not getting this because she just gave me one. I already had her in mind when Cammy sent me her award. Maureen just tagged me before I could tag her. I enjoy checking in with her every day! Wonderful writing. She tells a great story.


And now the Lovely Blog Award. It feels a bit odd giving this award out again since I just gave this award to 5 Lovely Bloggers a week ago. But since the purpose of this is to recognize bloggers and send new readers their way I’m going award it again. And I’m choosing some “new” blogs (new to me) that I have stumbled upon and recently bookmarked. So…..

Warm Chocolate Milk – Beautiful writing and beautiful pictures. Need I say more?

If Evolution Really Works – Another excellent writer. Are you seeing a trend here?

Is it 5 o’clock Yet? – Her writing cracks me up. She’s so popular I’m sure she’s rolling her eyes at yet another fan giving her an award but if you need a little pick me up, she’s your gal!

There you have it – some of my old favorites, some of my new. Enjoy! And thanks again to all of you who stop by to see what I have to say. I’m truly honored.


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