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Break-Up Text Goes Viral. And I Just Don’t Get Why.



A break-up text goes viral!

So, naturally, I clicked on it. I love the internet, if nothing to be entertained.

I read viral text and I was amused, as I thought I would be, but I was also curious as to why in the world such a sensible, reasonable text went viral.

You see, I’ve succumbed to the digital age. I no longer think that a text break-up is so unusual or wrong. Especially for a 7-week relationship. So, no. When I read the text, I wasn’t surprised. I was even a little disappointed. It wasn’t so entertaining that it should have gone viral.

What surprised me the most, however, was the response of others.

Item #1 – “You refuse to update your relationship status on Facebook” 

Jane = After 7 weeks of hot and heavy you-know-what, I’d expect that two people would be considered “an item” worthy of a status change. If you’re still “looking for men” after 7-weeks with the same guy? Well, than maybe you’re just not that into him.

Others = Apparently, keeping your relationship status private is a common thing. Lots of nosy moms and sisters out there, I guess.

Item #2 – “You won’t include me in things like the wedding this weekend. I should have been the one to escort you.”

Jane = Again, after 7-weeks of courtship, this is not an unreasonable assumption.

Others = Disagreed. With me. 7 weeks is too soon for a wedding date. (Oops.)

Item #3 – “You are rude to my cat and that makes me uncomfortable.”

Jane = I’m more of a dog person, but if you were rude to my dog? I’d say that’s definitely an indication of your true character.

Others = Found this item especially amusing. The ex-girlfriend’s response? She’s apparently allergic to cats. And he didn’t know this after 7-weeks? C’mon.

Item #4 – “You do not share your time equally and by now your boyfriend should be taking priority.” 

Jane = I’m going to assume that by “equally” you mean between boyfriend and other friends. And if my assumption is correct, then you go, boy!

Others = See him as needy.

Item #5 – “Your swearing if very unladylike.”

Jane = Calling her out on her potty mouth? A man with standards. I like it.

Others = Added their own expletives to the comments.

And finally….

Item #6 – “You won’t disclose how many sexual partners you have had which makes me think it is upwards of 3 and anything more than that is unacceptable.”

Jane = Again, a man with standards. Which, as long as he holds himself to the same, is quite admirable.

Others = Feel this is narrow-minded. And it might be. But he is choosing a life partner and if this is important to him (which I’m teaching my children that sexual relationships are precious and special and should only be shared with a life-long partner) than good for him. It’s his prerogative.

In response to the break-up text that the now-ex-girlfriend allowed to go viral because she shared it with a friend she says,“He was 30, had a job, a car and a house. Certainly not what I normally manage to attract, so I thought I was onto something…”

Yep. I’d say you were onto something. Someone with a moral compass. Self-worth. Self-respect.

And the fact that he is “certainly not what (you) normally manage to attract” tells me you could take a lesson from this guy.



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