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Jane’s Back. Back In The Saddle Again.

I almost didn’t come back.

To Blog World, that is.

I had a wonderful break from you all.

(No offense.)

No deadlines. No pressure. No skimming when I’d rather savor. No frantic ramblings or desperate Google searches for post ideas. No struggles for what to say in a comment. No second guessing cryptic spam messages. No hurt feelings. No insecurities wondering if my writing is “good enough.” No more incomplete sentences.

But……..and it’s a big BUT…..

No one to share my off-the-wall ideas with. No inspiration from reading your posts. No cracking myself up over the absurdities of spam or Yahoo headlines. No commiserating or sharing or giggling with you all. No new ideas. No one to shake the cobwebs off the little dusty corners of my brain. No. No-thing. Nope.

I honestly toyed with the idea of not coming back. I don’t really know why. I just enjoyed the laziness of not logging onto a computer every single day, multiple times a day.

But then, something happened to me at a stop light and I thought, ‘Oooooo! Great post idea! First I’ll tell them this. And then I’ll share with them that. And then…..wait, Smarty Pants. I thought you were giving up the blog?’

Give up the blog? Who am I kidding? I have too much to share. Too much to say. And I’ve made too many darn blogging friends that I’d hate to lose touch with. Oh sure, I could just read and comment. But we inspire each other with our posts. And frankly, I’d hijack too many of your blogs with long-winded comments if I didn’t have a blog of my own for an outlet. It wouldn’t be pretty.

And, I refuse to become a statistic. (Average lifespan of a blog being approximately 2 years) Since I’ve been blogging only 16 months I’d bring down the average. I just can’t take on that responsibility.


I’m back.

On a further abbreviated schedule. (For you fellow OCD visual learners out there my pretty little calendar will be highlighted on M, W and F — in case you were wondering.)

But, I’m back. I couldn’t stay away. From writing. From you all.

I’m back.

And it feels good to be home.


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Please Stand By Or Jane’s Feeble Explanation For Needing A Break

I know you’ve noticed. You were just too polite to say anything.

Ever since my kids went back to school I’ve looked forward to more time to write, more time to read. It hasn’t happened.

Life has hit Chez Jane’s at full speed ahead. Each month, no make that each week, I’d say, “Ok. This week I’m going to have more time for blogging. I mean it!”

Ah, that road to hell…

Please know I’ve been meaning to visit you. Please know that I miss visiting you. I just haven’t been able to. Personal. Financial. Schedules. Projects. Death. Illness. It’s all the same excuses you’ve heard time and time again. Only this time, you’re hearing them from me.

So, I’m taking a break. Here and in real life, too. (In real life, I’m visiting my most favorite place in the world with my kids. Yipee!)

I might be here to read a little but I’m taking my mandatory two-week break from posting. The Blogging Authorities (in my head) are demanding it. They say I’ll lose that two-week blogging vacation if I don’t use it before the end of the year. There are no roll-over weeks in Blog World, apparently. (And the mere fact that I’m actually listening to the fictitious Blogging Authority voices in my head is a clear indication that I need a break. Clever little highlighted calendar patterns be damned!)

For ten days I’ll be completely computer free. So, don’t take offense if you don’t see me around your neck of the woods. It’s not personal. It’s just me. Needing a break from technology. Needing to focus on fun with my kids.

I will enjoy my break. I will come back, energized and refreshed.

In the meantime, you can look at this…

Or you can have more time to read your other favorite blogs. Have fun! I’ll see you when I return!


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I Surrender. The Kids Win. I’m Waving The Grass-Spaghetti O-Kool Aid Stained Flag!

My kids have been on spring break for the past week. Only 6 more days to go! And they’ve been running me ragged. With them home 24/7 I’ve had so little time to myself – let alone time to comment/post.

I surrender.

I give up.

They win.

Hope you all are enjoying some beautiful spring weather!

See you all next week!


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