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Laundry, Laundry, What Do You See?

Laundry, laundry, what do you see?

I see a deformed packet of Reese’s Pieces looking at me.

Jane, Jane, what do YOU see?

I see a sparkling, clean, fresh-smelling load of clothes that made it, not only through the washer intact but the dryer, too, saved by the ingenious packaging of a teeny-tiny bag of Reese’s Pieces hiding in the shirt pocket of #2son that could have spelled certain disaster if it had split open in the aforementioned washer OR dryer. But it didn’t!

Oh thank you, creators of the Reese’s Pieces packaging. (You must be moms!)

What has been your near-miss or actual laundry disaster?


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It’s A Little Too Little, It’s A Little Too Late

“It’s a little too little
It’s a little too late
I’m a little too hurt
And there’s nothin’ left that I’ve gotta say
You can cry to me baby
But there’s only so much I can take
Ah, it’s a little too little
It’s a little too late” – Little Too Late written by Alex Call, performed by Pat Benatar

I saw a little bit of President Obama’s assurances to the US public that BP would get their comeuppance. 

NBC news

I wasn’t impressed. 

I wanted to be. 

But Mr. President? 

“It’s a little too little. It’s a little too late” 

Oh, sure. You get tough now. A week after BP CEO Tony Hayward started circulating his commercial apologizing to those affected by the disaster and pledging to clean up its mess. 

Photograph: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

 I’m so disappointed. 

In BP. In our President. In politics and big business. 

This is a horrible mess that affects so many lives and livelihoods and precious resources and beautiful wildlife. This apology and tough love is coming a little too late. 

And it smacks of politics as usual. 

(Don’t forget about our commencement speech challenge on Friday. To learn more click here!  And I discovered the prize on subWow’s blog Absence of Alternatives. Cool shirt and a great cause! See you Friday!)


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Jane’s Recipe For Household Disaster

Preheat home to 70 degrees.

Add two small boys who have been inside for days because of rain/cold. Open one empty pantry. Stir in a frazzled mom.

Combine above ingredients with yet another cold, wet, rainy day. Add smattering of legos, Matchbox cars and stuffed animals to family room floor. Pile laundry to ceiling and bake cookies and muffins because “There’s nothing to eat!” Leave mixing bowls on kitchen counter.

Add one dad who isn’t used to being closed in with two small boys. Heat to boiling. Cover and simmer until dad is about to explode.

Add one cranky big sister, a cat who likes to eat string and puke it up and one large dog who needs a daily walk but hasn’t had one because of rain/cold. Mix together with stacks of unsorted mail, Target bags that haven’t been emptied and put away, dirty dishes crusting in the sink and a sundry of projects left undone.

Cook, uncovered, in 70 degree house until mayhem has spread to all corners of the home.


(This, my friends, was the state of my home after a cold/rainy Sunday. Feel free to pass this recipe along to your friends!)


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