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Seven Questions I’d Like To Ask My Dog


1. The cat threw it up. And you still ate it. Now, stop and think a minute. Don’t you think there may have been a reason why she threw it up?

2. Yes, we typically feed you after you’ve been outside. And yes, your food bowl is empty. You eat twice a day, approximately every 12 hours. But by asking to go outside, again, just after you’ve eaten, and then running to your bowl to see if maybe we’ve put more food in it – do you really think we’ve forgotten that we’ve just fed you and you need to be fed again? Really?

3. You’re fixed. That special part of your anatomy is not even there anymore. Why, oh why,  do you still want to hump the leg of my daughter’s friend?

4. Along those same lines….. I know it is natural for you. But it is not natural for humans. So, could you please stop sniffing every visitor to our home in the crotch area? Pretty please?

5. You bark at the mailman but not the UPS man. Is there something you know that we don’t? Should we be concerned?

6. We just took you for a long walk. #2son played with you in the back yard for an hour. You follow me into every room of the house and I always stop and pet you and talk to you. You curl at my feet while I’m writing blog posts and I never fail to give you a little love. Yet you still act as if we never pay attention to you. Will it ever be enough? Ever?

7. It’s your crate. Your little sanctuary. We leave the gate open because we know you love to sleep in there, even though you don’t really need to be crated anymore. So, let me reiterate, it’s your space. Why do you let her push you around?



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Buy A Balloon. Help A Child. How Easy Is That?

A dear friend of mine has recently started fostering dogs. I admire her generous heart and am waiting to see if she’ll actually be able to let go of dear, sweet, little Abby when the time comes. Her latest crusade inspired me to dig deep and see if I could do the same thing.

Alas. No.

One cat and one dog is enough for this family. I know that when you foster an animal it eventually finds another home. But after cleaning up not one, not two but three disgusting throw-up piles this morning from a dog that never knows when to leave well enough (from pinecones to candy wrappers to fallen birdseed to whole tennis balls) alone, I’ve decided that fostering animals is not for me.

But there are other ways to help. MyOwnPet Ballons is sponsoring a program right now when you buy one of their balloon animals, and there are many to choose from, $5 will be donated to Canines For Disabled Kids (CDK). CDK is an organization that provides families trained assistance dogs for children with autism, hearing impairments and other disabilities.

If you’re in the market for one of these cute little balloon animals (think party favors) you can purchase them here.

If you want to donate to Canines For Kids directly, go here.

Either way, it’s a win-win.


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C’mon In. I Dare Ya’.


I swear she does it just to tick the dog off.


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