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Where In The World Are The Kindness Police When You Need Them?

The head football coach of the New York Jets, Rex Ryan, is under scrutiny by the NFL after telling a fan to “Shut the f— up!” as the team walked off the field at half-time.

The coach is under scrutiny by the NFL.


But what about the heckler?

Where are the kindness police when you need them?

Apparently, this isn’t the first time for Mr. Ryan. He was fined $50,000 for flipping a fan off at a mixed martial arts event. The fact that the NFL is demanding appropriate and exemplary behavior from its players and coaches on and off the field is admirable.

But what about the fans?

Who holds them accountable?

I’m all for having opinions. I have plenty of opinions about the over-paid players, the outrageous cost of tickets and the searches that make me throw out the 5 month old fun-sized candy bar smashed at the bottom of my purse that I wouldn’t have tried to eat inside the stadium anyway (yes, this really happened.)  But if I have a beef with a coach or a player or the fat cats raking in the ticket money, I’ll go through the proper channels.

I can write a letter. I can place a phone call. Shoot. I can write a blog post. (I’d tweet it but I don’t know how to tweet. I’ll leave that for the experts that eat off my bird feeder.)

But I’m not about to heckle the coach in the middle of the game.

Cheer your team. Boo the ref.

But keep your insults to yourself when you’re at the game.

Just a little thing your mother should have taught you.


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Jane Finds God And A Whole Mess Of New Friends

WordPress is where I call bloggy home. Yesterday, my post on the Al and Tipper shocker was featured on their “front page.” A first for me. I was touched, honored, pleased even. When a post is featured it means that your post caught the WordPress editor’s eye because it was well-written, interesting and timely.

My post?

Well-written –  Uhhhhh, are you sure? My kids are on summer vacation. Have been for 2 weeks. And I’m already going batty. That post was written between: 4 bowls of cereal, 14 Shhhhh-es, 2 orange juices, one spilled juice, one xBox control breakdown, 3 pleas to stop yelling at each other, 7 bribes, one load of laundry, one half loaded dishwasher (side-tracked, I forgot to finish), 3 clothing changes (the kids, not me) and one dog barfing the latest Lego casualty. Honest to goodness, I wrote it. Spellchecked it. And clicked publish. I barely read the post myself.

Interesting – Seriously? I like People magazine as much as the next gal but we all put our pants on one leg at a time. Or as my grandma would say, “Everybody poops.” As voyeuristic as I can be, musing the lives of the rich and famous shouldn’t be interesting. Entertaining, maybe. But nothing to dissect, ponder and analyze. Quite honestly, I needed a topic I could whip off in a jiffy. I knew my time was limited and prone to extreme interruption. See above. I was right.

Timely – OK. I’ll give ya’ that.

And the number of hits to my blog? Amazing. Off the charts. Crazy. My dashboard graph looks like I hit one heck of a sugar spike. It was a day long diet of hot fudge sundaes, Twizzlers and Coca-Cola. Nary a vegetable to be seen. I was impressed. Touched. My ego definitely stroked.

And the comments? Also off the charts. I couldn’t keep up. My email box full and a child pulling on each leg, I barely had enough time to read them, let alone respond. Finally, when the kids were in bed, I decided to meet my new fans.

Now, most  of the comments were sincere. All were sincerely written, anyway. But then, we’re all writers here. Some better at fiction than others. I highly suspect I had quite a few fiction writers visiting yesterday.

(My advanced apologies to anyone who might be offended and feel I am speaking directly to you – when, in fact, your comments were sincere and had no ulterior motive.)

1. Some  simply wanted to introduce me to God. (God? Who is this God of which you speak?)

2. Some wanted to sell me a book. (I’m in the middle of four books right now – my limit. But I’ll keep yours in mind.)

3. Some wanted to sell me a wedding dress. (Did you not read the post? I’m already married. Twice.)

4. Some wanted to sell me their services. (Quite a variety, I might add.)

5. Some wanted to promote (or sell) their own blog. (I already have one. But thanks for thinking of me.)

Wait, they all seemed to want to sell me something. So, I’ll need to adjust #1. They were probably selling God, too.

All kidding aside, I have discovered some great new blogs. Your thoughtful comments and even the fact that you decided to check me out have me humbled and speechless. I also want to thank all my faithful, dear, “old” friends who braved the crowds and pushed your way in to hear what I had to say and share your words of wisdom. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m amazed by the people I meet here. I want time enough in every day to read/comment/email you all!

With the new-direct-line-to-God websites I’ve discovered, I just might have the “in” I was looking for!


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