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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

  • Quote: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • Drink: Coca Cola – elixir of the gods
  • Book: Can’t name just one. Besides, in WordPress I can’t underline them properly so just on principle I refuse to name them. 
  • People (besides you all, of course!) I would read anything they wrote: Truman Capote, Oscar Wilde, Barbara Kingsolver, Franz Kafka, Mark Twain, (I always feel a bit guilty not adding Hemingway but frankly, I don’t enjoy him. I’m terribly un-American that way.) Amy Tan, Ayn Rand, John Irving, Ray Bradbury, Shirley Jackson, Margaret Atwood, C.S. Lewis, D.H. Lawrence, Kaye Gibbons, Bill Bryson
  • Play that many other people don’t like: Waiting for Godot
  • Smells: fresh laundry, after a rain shower, bread baking, my children after their bath.
  • Way to unwind: curled up with a good book
  • Way I should unwind: Yoga
  •  Memories from childhood: baseball games with my dad, giggling long into the night with my sister, swimming and swimming and swimming, Walt Disney World trips, being at school (yes, I was one of those nerds).
  • Past times: people watching, hiking, sight-seeing, listening to stories from my grandparents, reading, writing and (yes, even) arithmetic, television and movies
  • Foods: ice cream, vegetables, filet mignon, McDonald’s french fries, chocolate, raspberries, greek yogurt
  • Seasons: autumn, winter, spring, summer
  • Fictional characters: Mickey Mouse, Owen Meany, Holly Golightly, Charlie Brown, Atticus Finch, Santa Claus, The Grinch, Huckleberry Finn (hence our dog’s name), Uncle Remus, The Little Prince, Ellen Foster, Holden Caulfield, Maria Von Trapp from The Sound of Music (yes, I know she was a real person but I’ve read the movie version departs from her true personality so I’m going with the fictional version)


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