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Yes. A Spring Break Staycation Can Be Chock Full Of !!!

First, there was no money for a spring break vacation. So, we cancelled our reservations.

Then, #1son, followed closely by #2son, caught a virus for the first 1/2 of spring break. (#1daughter followed soon after, of course.)

Things were not looking pretty at Chez Jane’s for spring break.

And then, the unexpected happened. Brady Bunch marathons. Cookie baking. Magic tricks. Card games. Reading aloud and finishing The Borrowers and The Hobbit within days of each other.

Games of Chutes & Ladders with Sorry game pieces because the Chutes & Ladders pieces were vacationing at the vintage Fischer Price jail and barber shop and couldn’t be disturbed.

Lunch out at Cheeseburger Bobby’s because mom had coupons. (Yay, Mom!)

Hanging with our friends and a  chance to see and be seen at the Imax theater for a showing of Born To Be Wild. Loads of fun!

No, I didn’t get a tan or any closets cleaned out. But there was lots of cuddling and plenty of laughs.

The perfect spring break staycation.


(It’s been so long since I’ve participated in this wonderful meme. I want to give a shout out to the wonderful creators: Bad Mommy Moments and Momalom! Thanks for encouraging us to celebrate the !!! in our lives!)


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It’s Friday Night Game Night. But It’s Not Night.

It’s Friday and it’s time for a little fun. How about a round of twenty questions?

20. Is it living? – Yes

19. Is it an animal? – No

18. Is it a person? – Yes

17. Is this person famous? – Yes

16. Is this person male? – No

15. Is this person still alive? – Yes

14. Was this person born before 1960? – Yes

13. Is this person famous for television or movies? – Not really.

12. Is this person known for their pretty face? – Yes

11. Is this person married? Not now. But was. Four times.

10. Does this person have children? Yes. Three.

9. Is this person from the United States? – Yes

8. Does this person live on the West Coast? – No

7. Does this person look like she lives on the West Coast? – Yes

6. Does she eat meat? – No

5. Does she eat? – Yes. She still looks healthy and much younger than her chronological age.

4. Is she a role model? – In some respects, yes.

3. Have she ever been nominated Mother of the Year? – Yes

2. Has she ever been in a music video? – Yes

1. Does she look great in a swimsuit? – Apparently, yes. Three consecutive times yes.

Who is she?

(Your turn!)


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