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If I Could Have Just One, Make That Ten, Do-overs

If  I could just have one do-over, I would have let Scott kiss me and said, “Yes. I will go with you.” (“go with” as in date…well, as much as you can date when you’re in the 6th grade.)

If I could have nine more do-overs? I would have…

…gone to law school immediately after college. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

…found a way to live closer to my favorite place in the world. (Don’t laugh) Yes, that would be Disney World.

…stopped every stupid lesson plan that started going wrong and pushed my students harder instead of letting them (goof off) explore their creative impulses.  

…stood up to my mother more in my twenties when I was an adult and in charge of my life.

…pushed and pursued a singing career with a little more effort. Opportunities just fell into my lap and I took them all for granted.

…called my grandparents more often and begged to hear story after story after story and written every single one of them down afterwards.

…listened to my mid-wife when she told me that losing weight after a baby is difficult. Even more difficult when you’re having one at age forty. And then, I would have eaten less and better.

…been a heck of a lot more confident in high school. Because, really. How much of that crap matters now?

…waited until I was a little bit older and a little bit wiser to get married for the first time.

But I didn’t.

I said no to Scott, let’s just be friends. (even though I had a killer crush on him) I floundered after college. I stayed in the same place after college. I let my students run over me sometimes, not wanting to squash their creativity. I let my mother dictate my life until I was in my 40’s. I thought there would always be singing opportunities. I talked more about my life with my grandparents than I listened about theirs. I fed my cravings of ice cream and McDonald’s french fries when I was pregnant. I pretended I was confident in high school, but deep down I was pining to be the popular one. I married at the oh-so-wise age of 21 because, seriously, I knew everything there was to know about what was good for me.


And it’s a big but.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have an amazing husband. Three fantastic, beautiful children. A career as a stay-at-home-mom – and who knew I would love it so much? I have a life with regrets and accomplishments and friends and scars. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Because I like who I’ve become. And I wouldn’t be me without all my experiences.

So, if I could have ten do-overs? I wouldn’t do it.


Because then, I wouldn’t be here.


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Never Say Never and Never, Ever Do This!

I once had a friend in Savannah. Whose name was not Joan, Sue or Hannah. Her opinions were right. Every day, every night. And she often lost friends over na-nah.

Ok, so I made up that last word. I’m using it as in “Na, na, you can’t catch me!” I couldn’t think how to use the word banana and still get my point across. And I didn’t really mean to start this out as a limerick; it just sort of happened. Anyway….

This friend would always say, “I would NEVER give my child soda,” “We ALWAYS honor our son’s bedtime,” and “My child will NEVER watch Spongebob.” She was an always and never kind of gal. I’d laugh and say, “Never say never.” And sure enough, as the years went on, she’d live to eat her words. We all do. But here’s one “never” that I’m pretty sure about….

When your dentist tells you that your teeth are for chewing food and that’s it? Believe her. I was checking in with Jennifer at My Wildlife’s Words and found this post. And she was brave enough to post a picture. I have the same tooth but mine is already fixed with cosmetic dentistry – I’m assuming she’s on her way to the dentist now.

About 8 years ago my daughter and I were hanging out. She was doing her homework. I was grading papers. I needed to take a staple out and couldn’t find the staple puller. I looked at her and said, “NEVER do this!” and proceeded to take the staple out with my front teeth. CRACK! My tooth was chipped. Great lesson for her. Painful lesson for me. But I can safely say to you now, “NEVER use your teeth as staple pulling tools. ALWAYS use your teeth for chewing food ONLY.”

Take it from me – the Never Say Never Gal.

I mean it this time.


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