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Size 4 Is The New Plus Size – For Models, That Is

(While I’m out braving the relatives I’d like to share with you a post (from my early days – Oct. 15, 2009 to be exact) that’s worth repeating. Let your wallet be your guide, refusing to celebrate images of emaciated women. Purchase Dove products and from any other organization that celebrates real women. If you know of worthy organizations please feel free to share them with us! We need to stick together on this one! For us. For our daughters. For our daughter’s daughters. Thank you, all! You’re the best readers ever!)

Yikes! Size 4 is the new plus size for models. Seriously. Read about it here. I certainly don’t want this to become a theme on my blog but we’re hit with yet another round from the media. Only this time, it looks like they’re trying to be on our side. Filippa Hamilton, a longtime model for Ralph Lauren was apparently fired because she could no longer fit into the size 0-2 sample sizes. She’s 5’10”, 120 lbs. and she wears a size 4. Size four – for those of you that feel inadequate with numbers. F-O-U-R.

Filippa Hamilton is gorgeous. She’s young, beautiful…but fat? You decide.


Other countries are now putting a ban on underweight models. America, and Ralph Lauren apparently, need to follow suit.

But what can we do about it? The msnbc article suggests that it’s in OUR hands. And they’re right. We need to STOP drooling over fashion magazines that portray unrealistic women. Reconsider buying products that celebrate emaciated women in their print ads. Write to your favorite magazines and demand realistic representation of women. Kate White, editor in chief at Cosmopolitan magazine, said it best: “Women have to complain and then back it up with their actions — with their pocketbooks.”


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