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Describe My Sex Life With A Movie Title? Why Stop There?

My Life In Movie Titles


My childhood – Alice in Wonderland

Adolescence – Clueless

My teaching days – Dances With Wolves

My single days – Pitch Perfect (but I didn’t realize it then)

My sex life – Beauty and the Beast

The past two years – One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest or Psycho (take your pick)

Yesterday – The Lost Weekend

Today – Any Which Way You Can

Tomorrow – Hope Springs (because it has to)

My kids – The Incredibles

My husband – Braveheart

My readers, especially the faithful “commenters” – A League Of Their Own (you are all so very, very amazing!)


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See, Hollywood? Even My Kids See The Difference Between A Book and Your Movie.

One of my favorite things about having kids is that I can relive the favorites from my own childhood. Especially books.

We’re readers in this family. And my boys love that magical 1/2 hour before bedtime when we read a book together. I couldn’t wait for my boys to have the attention span for me to read “chapter books” to them. The Borrowers. The Hobbit. Superfudge.

And Beezus and Ramona.

They loved Beezus and Ramona and I was thrilled. I was afraid that because it was about two sisters they might call it a “girls” book. But they didn’t. They loved Ramona’s antics (just like #2son) and Beezus’ exasperation (just like #1son.) It was a perfect fit – despite the gender difference.

The movie came out and they begged me to take them. I saw the trailer and I had my doubts. As adorable as Selena Gomez and Joey King appeared – it seemed a bit modern and a little off the track. I didn’t recognize the antics portrayed on the commercial. And with Selena Gomez’s popularity, I was afraid the theater would be packed with girls. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just acutely aware of #1son’s phobia of being associated with anything girly. (It’s just a stage. I know.)

So, I taped it. Or DVR’d it. (Whatever we’re calling it these days.)

It was a lazy, summer afternoon. We had swim practice in the morning and baseball at night. The afternoon was spent out of the sun and resting for the next activity. (Them, resting. Me? Housework.)

“Mom! Can we watch Ramona and Beezus?”

“Sure,” I answer, a bit dejectedly. I had wanted to watch it with them but I was under the gun to wash baseball uniforms.

I hear the catchy theme song in the background. I hear a giggle. I figure as soon as I pull the next load out of the dryer I’ll fold clothes in the family room and watch it with them.

But by the time I: sort through 3 hampers, feed the cat, gather 4 full loads of dirty clothes (by color), trip over the dog, transfer one load from the washer to the dryer, and grab the laundry basket towering with unfolded clothes? They’re watching Phineas and Ferb.

“What happened to Ramona and Beezus?” I ask.

“It was way different from the book,” says #2son, “We didn’t like it.”

“Yeah,” #1son adds, “The book was way better!”

See, Hollywood?

You needn’t mess with perfection.



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!!! At The Movies

When I need to escape where do I go? The theater. The movie theater.

I typically go during matinée pricing (I’m all frugal that way) yet I’ll pay almost $10 for popcorn and coke. A movie experience isn’t a movie experience without my popcorn and coke. I usually go alone. It’s the only way I can guarantee I’ll actually see the movie in the theater before it goes to DVD. I love to sit in the very back row so I can enjoy the audience experience, as well. See them laugh or jump. Or notice the shoulders gently bobbing during a particularly sad scene.

There are certain movies I could see again and again. Movies that bring !!! every single time.

I know every line to every song in this movie. I played Maria in our elementary school production, Liesl in high school and Sister Margaretta in a community production. When I visited Austria in high school my friend and I hunted down places of interest to take pictures. You could say I was a little obsessed.

And even though I know what happens next, Psycho still gives me the creeps.

I could watch them all, but the first one is still my favorite.

From my childhood and now my kids love to watch this one over and over. So many sweet life lessons in this film.

So thought-provoking and so many layers. I’ve seen it a few times and each time I get something new from it.

One of my favorite comedies. So fun. So funny. A classic.

I could go on and on and on. This tiny little sampling doesn’t even scratch the surface. Just some of the few movies that bring me !!!

For more !!! visit Momalom or Bad Mommy Moments.


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I Don’t Get It. Will Someone Please Enlighten Me?

Logging on today I found this story. Some unknown from Uruguay took three hundred dollars and made a short “film.” I loosely call it a film because frankly, it looks to me like a scene that could have been stolen from ‘War of the Worlds’ or any other such “aliens invade Earth” kind of film. He put it on YouTube and currently it has over 3 million hits. Three days after he put it up on the web his inbox was overflowing with offers from Hollywood. He “settled” for a 30 million price tag for the rights to make a feature film.

I watched it. I don’t see the appeal. I love the movies. I’ll see anything. But I’m not kidding you. This is nothing we haven’t seen before. I just don’t get it.

But hey, you judge for yourself.

(Ooooo….the math teacher in me just noticed something. $300. 3 days after it appeared he had offers. Over 3 million hits. $30 million movie deal. Spooky!)


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