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!!! At The Movies

When I need to escape where do I go? The theater. The movie theater.

I typically go during matinée pricing (I’m all frugal that way) yet I’ll pay almost $10 for popcorn and coke. A movie experience isn’t a movie experience without my popcorn and coke. I usually go alone. It’s the only way I can guarantee I’ll actually see the movie in the theater before it goes to DVD. I love to sit in the very back row so I can enjoy the audience experience, as well. See them laugh or jump. Or notice the shoulders gently bobbing during a particularly sad scene.

There are certain movies I could see again and again. Movies that bring !!! every single time.

I know every line to every song in this movie. I played Maria in our elementary school production, Liesl in high school and Sister Margaretta in a community production. When I visited Austria in high school my friend and I hunted down places of interest to take pictures. You could say I was a little obsessed.

And even though I know what happens next, Psycho still gives me the creeps.

I could watch them all, but the first one is still my favorite.

From my childhood and now my kids love to watch this one over and over. So many sweet life lessons in this film.

So thought-provoking and so many layers. I’ve seen it a few times and each time I get something new from it.

One of my favorite comedies. So fun. So funny. A classic.

I could go on and on and on. This tiny little sampling doesn’t even scratch the surface. Just some of the few movies that bring me !!!

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