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Buy A Balloon. Help A Child. How Easy Is That?

A dear friend of mine has recently started fostering dogs. I admire her generous heart and am waiting to see if she’ll actually be able to let go of dear, sweet, little Abby when the time comes. Her latest crusade inspired me to dig deep and see if I could do the same thing.

Alas. No.

One cat and one dog is enough for this family. I know that when you foster an animal it eventually finds another home. But after cleaning up not one, not two but three disgusting throw-up piles this morning from a dog that never knows when to leave well enough (from pinecones to candy wrappers to fallen birdseed to whole tennis balls) alone, I’ve decided that fostering animals is not for me.

But there are other ways to help. MyOwnPet Ballons is sponsoring a program right now when you buy one of their balloon animals, and there are many to choose from, $5 will be donated to Canines For Disabled Kids (CDK). CDK is an organization that provides families trained assistance dogs for children with autism, hearing impairments and other disabilities.

If you’re in the market for one of these cute little balloon animals (think party favors) you can purchase them here.

If you want to donate to Canines For Kids directly, go here.

Either way, it’s a win-win.


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A Shout Out To The Socially Responsible

After writing my post yesterday – off the cuff and pushing the publish button as fast as my fingers could because I was so late in posting – I realized I could only name one company, off the top of my head that epitomized social responsibility.

I’m all about the socially responsible. I’m fantastic at boycotting the companies I’m in disagreement with. I want to be just as fantastic at supporting the companies that promote value and values. Social ones, that is.

Yesterday, I mentioned TOMS Shoes.

Love them. The shoes. The company. Great product and purpose.

I did a little research and here are my next top 5 shout outs for social responsibility:

Bodoblankets.com – Another “One to One” company. Quality, gorgeous blankets. And for every one you buy, they’ll donate one to someone in need. They are environmentally conscious and committed to community service.

We Are One Heart: An organization that sell t-shirts with the same phrase. Every time you buy one, one is given to a child in Haiti.

Newman’s Own: The great Paul Newman started this company where 100% of the profits go to worthy charities. To date, they given over $295 million. We love their salsa and Caesar dressing. You can find their products in your local grocery store, too.

Ethos Water: Another easy purchase. My kids like a treat after school and Starbucks is quite convenient for us. But I don’t like to drink caffeine that late in the day. Ethos Water, sold at Starbucks, is committed to providing fresh, clean water to people in developing countries. Granted, just 5 cents a bottle goes to the cause but nickels add up. To date, they have raise $6.2 million of their $10 million humanitarian water grant goal.

Bead for Life: Their catch phrase is “Eradicating poverty one bead at a time.” Beaded jewelry, created by impoverished women from Uganda and around the world, trying to make a better life for their families. The goal is to make the women self-sufficient, independent and able to support themselves within 18 months of entering the program. I’m all about empowerment! Love this program!

Now start clicking! And in the comments section below – add your favorite socially responsible charity. Spread the word and we can all make a difference.


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Give Michael A Chance – It’s Not His Fault His Brother Is Sean Penn

The DJ said, “Now, don’t hold it against him that Sean Penn is his brother. This next song is pretty good. Please, give it a chance!”

As soon as I heard “Sean Penn” I wanted to tune out. But this DJ was speaking to me. Because I’m the one that holds it against you if you’re mean, self-centered, loathsome, egotistical or cruel. I’m not saying Sean Penn is all of those things. Far from it. But a couple of those adjectives might suit him.

What do I hold against Sean Penn? His ill-advised activism, using his celebrity as a vehicle to be heard.

Hugo Chavez is NOT a dictator? The less than literate rant that he paid $56,000 to have printed in the Washington Post speaking out against President Bush?

I’m ok with him having an opinion. I’m ok with his right to express it. What I have a problem with is him relying on his high school education coupled with his portrayal of serious characters in film in myopic Hollywood and thinking this makes him a highly educated, worldly, wise and fair representative of the poor and down trodden.

Sorry. It just doesn’t work that way. You’re getting paid to pretend to be someone else.  After you finish pretending, you’re still you. You do not get to keep all of the intelligence, world experience and wisdom of the character you played.

It is so hard for me to look past the in-your-face activism of Hollywood. Whether it be Jane Fonda or Oprah. Sean Penn or Charlton Heston. Give me the quiet, humble, hard-working, and fairly anonymous Steven Spielberg, Mariah Carey or Sandra Bullock – all widely recognized for their philanthropic efforts without major headlines.

So give Michael a chance. This song is pretty good. And I prefer this unplugged version.

An oldie, but a goodie.

A one hit wonder.

Possibly because his brother is Sean Penn.


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Cute Bear – Great Cause!

You know me, I’m all about great causes. Abby, from Mutterings from the Moor, is very crafty. Oh, how I envy her craftiness. And she’s come up with an adorable little bear to raffle off, raising money for cancer research. To give please click HERE And to visit Abby and find out more about her craft and her cause, click HERE.  Thanks everyone! And thanks to Abby for your contribution and efforts to such a great cause.


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