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Sign Seen At A Local McDonalds Play Area


I’m surprised they let us in!




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Jane’s Son Gets Into The !!! Act

“Mom!!! Can I use your camera?”

“Why do you need it?”

“I’m doing a project.”

“What kind of project?”

“Just a project…..”

Looks like my son wants to get into the !!! act…

Just a regular day at Jane’s house…

Little signs of creativity and fun left in every room…

Even in the bathroom!!!

Honestly! I didn’t stage this. This, my dear friends, is my life.

(You can get into the act, too!!! Just check out Momalom and Bad Mommy Moments for more info and inspiration!)


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Heard While Trying to Concentrate on a Much More Prolific Post

#2son – We were made to play Legos!

#1son – You are under arrest for making too good a starship…..Can you make me one?

#2son – It’s easy! Just do step one, two, three and you’re done!

#1son – Dooo, doo, doh, doh, doh,  (high pitched whistling)

#2son – Tarter Sauce! I wanted to play with that train! (Oops…I think they’re watching too much Spongebob)

#1son – Chugga, chugga, toot, toot! Ha, ha – get it? Toot? Like you tooted? Did you toot? Hey, I can toot on purpose!

#2son – Brrrrrrmm. Brrrrrrrmm. Brrrrrrrmm. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm.

#1son – Don’t forget to flush! That’s gross!

#2son- When I was a baby I didn’t need this much fun!

#1son- Pshhhhhh. Boot. Boot. Boot. Pshhhhhh.  (What IS IT with boys and sound effects?)

#2son – Arrrrrrr, Matey! Wanna sail the seven seas with me? Ask mom if we can take a bath.

#2son – MOM! Do you have any  knives? We want to see if this is magnetic.


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