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Resolution, Smesolution. I Resolve Not To Give A Flip!

I’m tired.

It’s been another whirlwind holiday at Jane’s. Entertaining guests (12 days straight, 2 sets of guests. Hey. It was shorter than previous years so I’m not complainin’. Really.) Baking cupcakes and cookies (At our home, we give Santa a choice.) Wrapping gifts with smiles and grace (Ok. That’s a flat-out lie. Hubby and I had a doozy of a “discussion” on Christmas Eve when we discovered about 10 gifts that I forgot to wrap. And not meaning to rehash but apparently, gift wrapping is solely part of my job description. Grrrrr. )

So, I’m tired.

The late nights. The holiday eating (and cooking.) The celebration and hoopla. I’m looking forward to our usual routine.

But that’s not the only thing I’m tired of.

I’m tired of hearing about the latest celebrity fashion we should all follow. Kim Kardashian’s cornrows? Are you kidding me? Did we not learn from Bo Derek? It did not look good then and it doesn’t look good now. Trust me on this one.

I’m tired of digital scales to encourage weight loss, detox diet books, 10 ways to stick to your fitness plan, scales that creep up on me when I swear I’m only eating vegetables and drinking water.

I’m tired of a college football season that lasts well into January.

I’m tired of seeing Oprah Winfrey’s face everywhere. And now her own television network? Her own. As in, OWN – Oprah Winfrey Network.  (Does anyone else out there see the name of her network as a tad self-absorbed and self-congratulatory? Or am I just tired of Oprah anything?)

I’m tired of (and I never thought I’d say this) new recipes. Give me comfort food with the ingredients/measures/oven temps all stored in my pretty little head. No more souffles, tarts and sauces. Good ol’ meatloaf, steamed broccoli and carrots and mashed potatoes for this girl.

I’m tired of having to sneak up to the computer because my family doesn’t know I even have a blog, let alone follow all of you.

I’m tired of this dinosaur of a computer and all the waiting I have to do to load a simple blog page. I want a laptop that’s mine and only mine. Is that too much to ask? (Boy. I sound like a spoiled brat, don’t I?)

I’m tired of hearing about Lindsay Lohan and her fresh start from rehab. (Yeah. Right.)

I’m tired of making resolutions and then not even remembering what they were a few weeks into January. Seriously. I do this all the time.

It’s winter. It’s time for a long winter’s nap. Or at least a break from all the pressure out there to be perfect, or to care about celebrities and their fashion statements, personal problems and fragile egos.

So, yes. As reluctant as I am to make yet another resolution that I’m going to break in a few weeks anyway…I’m going to make one.

I resolve not to give a flip!


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Happy (Jane’s) New Year!

While checking out other blogs, familiarizing myself with this new world (to me, anyway) I’ve noticed that many of you started your blogs in January. A New Years resolution kind of thing, perhaps? On top of your list? Right up there with eat less and move more?  Quit smoking? That sort of thing?

My deadlines or start up dates have always been the start of the school year. I still think of Aug/Sept as the start of a new year. I suppose after being a student for so long (elementary, middle, high school, college, and more college because I liked it so much and couldn’t get enough but not enough for another degree, apparently) and then teaching once I was finally “finished” (although, I dream of going back) and then getting the kids ready once I had them – you get the idea. I just fell into a routine.

My projects are always slated for “the school year” or “the summer.” I even get my new calendar in August – or July if Barnes and Noble has them in stock yet. I get the 18 month calendars and then only use it for 12 because of course another new “school” year is upon us again.

And since I’m not teaching anymore or going to school myself I find it a bit curious that I’ve never broken the cycle and celebrated the New Year with the rest of the world in January. I mean, we do the whole party hat, watch the ball drop, champagne toast sort of thing. But I don’t think of it as a time for a new calendar, what will the new year bring, gee I should start yoga again or I’ll begin my diet now sort of thing. That starts in September. 

My new year just started – minus the party hats and confetti.  My goals this year are: drink less sugar filled calories, do yoga at least 4 days a week, send out one snail mail note or card to someone I love once a week, make time for girlfriends at least twice a month and clean out all closets by the end of the “year.” With all the detours my life provides this list will be a challenge. But I’m up for it. After all, it’s a brand new year!


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