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Latest YouTube Trend Smacks Of Bullying. And It Must Be Stopped.

This latest YouTube trend must be stopped. Mothers of daughters (and sons — because I’m sure an off-shoot or similar video is on its way), please be aware of what your child is posting online.

Read this article here about teens posting videos of themselves and then asking viewers to comment if they are ugly, pretty, fat or thin. You can imagine the majority of the comments are not very nice. It smacks of anonymous bullying to me. It must be stopped. But how?

I have no answers. Just posting this to make other parents aware.

Even if it just opens dialogue between you and your child. At least that’s a start.

Addendum: I just saw this article online about boys and anorexia, which apparently, doctors are seeing more of. This is so depressing. Excuse me while I turn off the computer for awhile.


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Operation Beautiful Dot Com

Cammy, over at Classroom Confessions, pointed me into the direction of this site and I love it. It must be shared with you all! About a week ago, in my post about the media/modeling industry and our standard of beauty, I quoted Kate White at Cosmo who said, “Women have to complain and then back it up with their actions — with their pocketbooks”  Well, here’s another thing we can do!

At Operation Beautiful they are encouraging you to end “fat talk one anonymous post-it note at a time!” As a parent of a teenage daughter and a six year old son that has started asking if certain foods will make him fat I’ve become acutely aware of how my own self-image challenges the people around me. Fat talk is all around us. We can stop the cycle at home but here’s an opportunity to stop it worldwide. Every little effort is like a ripple that will spread.

Please check out this worthy cause and get involved. I’ve already put my post-it pad and pen in my purse. I’m starting today!


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