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2011. The Year Of The Crap Storm.

I know I’ve had worse years. The year of my divorce. The year beloved grandparents or family members or friends or former students died. ¬†The year we noticed that yes, the recession had finally hit my husband’s business, our business – our only source of income business.

But 2011 wasn’t all that great, either. My annoying/embarrassing/can’t even talk about them health issues – times two. More finance crap. Having to pull your boys out of their/my favorite school because you just can’t afford it any more. Parents, with whom you already have a crappy relationship, ignore your birthday. Renters who run out on the lease they signed on the house you still have left from the housing bubble that burst just as you were purchasing your new, now overpriced, home — all this just before the holidays hit. Spending ignored birthday cleaning the rental house that former renters trashed beyond recognition. Our beautiful 1950’s bungalow BEYOND recognition. We’re talking about vomit paint colors and crayon drawings all over every wall, solid wooden doors that some teenager used as target practice with knives, covered in pock marks – and yes, that is door(s), as in plural. Missing light fixtures, stolen appliances, broken window panes and every screen ripped to shreds. Carpets that haven’t been vacuumed in…well, EVER. Hardwood floors with unrecognizable stains or burn marks. (How do people live like this?) I could go on but I’m getting too depressed remembering.

A crap storm of events.

And I’m still hopeful.


Because in between the crap there were some beautiful moments, too.

Daughter going off to college and coming back with 4 A’s and 1 B. Two little boys who adjusted to their new school with amazing attitudes, ¬†knowing full well why they had to switch and never complaining about it despite missing their old school so very, very much. An old friend who contacted me out of the blue on my birthday, to remind me how much she missed me and our friendship that had fizzled. Making a significant dent in our debt crisis. And finding a new renter, with a solid income, who loves older homes as much as we do.

Silver linings in a crap storm.

That’s what I need to focus on.

Silver linings.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy New Year full of silver linings for any crap that comes your way!


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