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And Now A Word From Our !!! Sponsors

So many things tickled my !!! fancy this week.

First off? CK at Bad Mommy Moments reminded me a few weeks ago (or was it months? Oh. How time flies!) how much I love the smell of freshly washed baby/kid hair with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. It lowers my blood pressure.  I had a bottle under the sink and I decided to heck with it saying “Baby” on the label. I’ll just sneak it onto my kid’s heads. I did. And they love the smell, too! Now they ask for the “orange shampoo.” A little bit of !!! for my week. Ahhhhhh.


 Speaking of showering, I adore Noxzema. The original. In the pump. (Which I can’t find anymore in my local stores so I’m stuck with the cumbersome tub) I’ve tried the fancy stuff at the make-up counters. I’ve tried the not-as-fancy-but-still-more-expensive stuff at the drug stores. But good ol’ fashioned, plain, cheap Noxzema does it for me. Now, if someone can please tell me where I can find the orignal formula in the pump container again, my morning/evening ritual will be complete.

I have a killer banana bread recipe that actually slices like cake. It’s fairly low in sugar and my family loves it. Of course, we usually amp up the sugar content by covering a slice in cream cheese frosting, or like last night, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and then caramel sauce. Mmmmmmm. My over ripe bananas brought the whole family a little extra !!! this week.

Speaking of cooking, I found this cookbook at the library and I’ve been entranced. I enjoy cooking. I like a good cookbook. But The Amish Cook has been such an enjoyable read. Beautiful photography. Homey recipes. Interesting details and stories of Amish life. It’s been the kind of book where I set aside time during the day, get my glass of tea, curl up on the couch and just thumb through the pages, savoring every delicious word. I’ve already renewed it once. And I’m going to renew it again. Then, I’m going to have to buy my own copy.

For more !!! visit Momalom or Bad Mommy Moments.


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